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  • Nationality:Germany
  • Year Founded:1997

Supernova Lighting Systems is a multiple award-winning German manufacturer of lighting systems and accessories for traditional and electric assist bicycles. The catalogue includes extensive mounting kits, electrical parts, cables, and miscellany, providing alternatives for nearly any bicycle, power system, and use. The entire range is available from the company's online store, shippable worldwide.

From its inception in 1997, Supernova has taken lighting seriously, making purpose-built systems adequate and effective for the machine they are intended for. Hugely popular in their home country, the company's reputation has carried beyond the borders, expanding its market and increasing its stance in the market with each light sold.

Lights are available for traditional cyclists, e-bike riders, and dynamo users. The first incorporate USB-rechargeable batteries, provide light levels ranging from increased night visibility to full-on off-road beams, and are all waterproof. E-bike riders have choices ranging from a mini-light to the 1600 lumen M99 Pro, equipped with low beam, high beam, and daytime running lights. Dynamo lights for front and rear have high longevity, easy connection, and a weather tolerance that astonishes.

Accessories are by and large practical, from extended wiring harnesses for unusual frame layouts to mount points that will connect practically any light to practically any bike securely and simply. Security bolts are available for many mounts, eliminating the need to remove the light on locking.

A high point of the company's collection is its selection of racing lights. Not legal for street use in Germany, they produce a tremendous amount of light, just what's needed at speed, in compact packages.

Supernova is a manufacturer of fine lights for a great many riding styles. Worth a look for your night riding kit.

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