Serfas Bike Parts & Accessories

  • Nationality:United States
  • Year Founded:1992
Whatever the destination, cyclists are seeking the ultimate ride, and Serfas is making sure they find it. Our 20 year commitment to quality, performance, and customer service is reflected in our innovative products, and this year’s next generation of rider-tested, rider-approved Serfas designs gives us a whole lot to get excited about. Our 2012 product offering presents revolutionary advancements in cycling technology with an expanded product line. For instance, our new "True" Series High Powered LED Lights that are setting the benchmark on light testing or our H.O.T. (Helmet Optimised Temples) eyewear designed to fit – not – fight- the helmet. Also featured is our all new apparel line that includes shoes, shorts, gloves, and jerseys. Serfas knows that cycling should build up your body, not break it down, and our cycling gear is designed with this idea in mind.
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