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  • Nationality:UK
  • Year Founded:1926

Rowlinson Garden Products is a UK-based manufacturer of outdoor furnishings. The catalogue is quite extensive, with decorative and functional items for sitting, gardening, playing, or storage. Products are available from retailers around the world.

Established in 1926, Rowlinson has a long history of producing quality items with care and fine materials. By now the company's reputation has crossed the oceans, and their products are in high demand beyond the UK, in Europe and the Americas.

The collection includes many decorative items, which are no less functional than the more utilitarian items. The gazebos provide a delightful rain cover for a barbecue, or a touch of charm to any yard. Arches provide homes for climbing vines, arbours a comfortable seat on a lazy afternoon.

More practical, yet still aesthetically pleasing, are the outdoor furniture pieces. Tables, benches, cushioned seats and more, in a plethora of styles, from tiny two-seat sets for a morning coffee to a grand table for a family barbecue. The character of the wooden benches lends a certain dignity to its surroundings.

Small cabins or summerhomes run the gamut of styles, from open-walled modern spaces to classically-designed writer's rooms. None too large, all quite roomy, taking full advantage of the footprint to make a pleasant space.

Gardeners are well-supplied by Rowlinson: planters in many styles and sizes; several miniature greenhouses; cucumber frames; potting benches and garden caddies; borders and beds; even a composter. Gardeners' companions are also thought of, with kennels, coops, and birdhouses.

A handful of playhouses are in the catalogue. Several different styles of sturdy, safe small homes are listed, with windows and doors, even one with a little porch.

The sheds and storage boxes are the company's mainstay. Weather-resistant, purpose-built or versatile, there is something there for nearly any use, be it keeping firewood stacked and dry, protecting supplies from the elements, a place to keep spare cushions, a shed for garden tools, utility storage, or securing bicycles.

Rowlinson is a venerable manufacturer of fine, useful things for the garden and yard. Check them out when next at your local supply.

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