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  • Nationality:Taiwan
  • Year Founded:2011

Liv is a women's cycling brand from Giant, offering a comprehensive range of bicycles, from the pure racing Envie to the Sedona comfort bike, with cyclocrossers, enduro offroad bikes, and more. Clothing, kit, helmets, shoes and other gear also wear the Liv brand, indicating quality women's cycling equipment.

Started in 2011, the Liv brand has included all of Giant's women-specific products from its inception. Today Liv is a name in its own right; Liv bikes and gear are available from bike shops worldwide.

The road racers are gorgeous, finely-tuned machines, with models for time trialing, stage racing, and enduro, available in configurations from the most modestly-priced group to the finest componentry available. The Avail line includes a number of disc-braked models; Envie includes choices for triathletes and wicked speed machines. Flat-bar roadies are invited to try the Alight or Thrive, the zippy Thrive available with frames of carbon or aluminum.

For casual and recreational riders, Liv offers fully accessorized cruisers and the suspension-equipped Flourish, cheery, colorful, and accessible. The X-Road bikes are more adventurous, from the Brava cyclocross racer to the intrepid Invite and Rove.

Off-road is where Liv really shines. From the delightful, inexpensive Enchant, perfect for new riders, the range extends upwards through the recreational cross-country Tempt, the Intrigue trail bike, and the Obsess XC racer, peaking with the top-of-the-line Lust Advanced, a light, full-suspension, near-indestructible race bike.

With a comprehensive collection of clothing, shoes, helmets and the like, Liv can outfit cyclists of any stripe, providing just the right outfit for your kind of ride. Special-purpose, general riding, casual, cool-weather, Liv has something excellent for everyone.

Liv has established itself as a reputable provider of the full range of women's cycling equipment. Find the brand at a nearby shop and see what they have for you.

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