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  • Nationality:U.S.A.
  • Year Founded:2010

Knife & Saw is a U.S.-based maker of hand-crafted wooden goods. The catalogue includes items both elegant and functional, from cribs to chopping blocks, outdoor furniture to bike storage. All items are available directly from the company via its website, shippable anywhere in the world.

Founded in 2010 by designer Chris Brigham, the company's first product was the Bike Shelf, still the most popular item in the entire range. Other items have been added over the years, today covering most rooms in the house and the garage.

In the kitchen, Knife & Saw offers cutting boards and chopping blocks. The former are available in multiple shapes and sizes, from the hangable Strapboard to the more substantial cutting or serving board, the Teardrop, its hand-hold positioned for either purpose. The chopping block is more substantial, available either square-cut or bevelled.

A plethora of tables show off the skill and craftsmanship on Knife & Saw. Stylish, angle-cut surfaces characterize the coffee and outdoor tables, the latter with an identically cut bench. The aesthetic is still spare throughout the range, even when applied to a more complex item, be it a multi-purpose drafting table or the adorable, stud-mounted nightstand.

Custom items, from baby cribs and dresser/changing tables to walk-in closet and bathroom remodels, are also offered. The company will quote nearly any project that can be built in hardwood. Given the quality work visible in Knife & Saw's stock pieces, a custom work should be delightful, both aesthetically and functionally.

Knife & Saw makes spare, functional, useful pieces that would enhance any home. Stop by the company website and browse the offerings - perhaps there is something there for you.

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