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  • Nationality:Sweden
  • Year Founded:1943

Ikea is a Swedish manufacturer of home goods. The catalogue spans everything from furniture to appliances, and recently added a bike. Products are available from the company's mail-order catalogue, online, or from one of the company's iconic stores, located around the world.

From its inception, Ikea has provided reasonable cost consumer goods, assembled by the customer. Products include furnishings and appliances for the entire house, from kitchen to bedroom, to the garden and garage. Today the company is a solid, reliable provider of simple, functional items.

As part of the eco-friendly policy Ikea is committed to, the company has released several bikes over the years, along with accessories and add-ons to personalize the ride. They've rewarded all of their US employees with bikes. They are also aiming to achieve energy independence within ten years.

Ikea is a low-priced manufacturer of simple, durable home goods. Stop by one of the company's stores and see what interesting items they might have.

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