Hammer Nutrition Bike Parts & Accessories

  • Nationality:United States
  • Year Founded:1993
Hammer Nutrition has been in the USA for 19 years. Over which time it has become a “household name” to endurance athletes across the country. The USA Company owner Brian Frank developed a very simple philosophy to serve his customers: No Hype, Just Great Products and Service. Our longevity, sterling reputation, and devoted following amongst serious endurance athletes is unrivalled in the marketplace for three reasons: We sell extremely effective products. We provide superlative customer service. We support our customers with volumes of free knowledge and advice.” This philosophy was married into the whole range on Endurance Nutrition products. The focus of the products was simple – “Deliver exactly what the athlete needs and leave out everything the athlete does not need or is harmful to their performance! Brian Frank managed to employ some of the best nutritional experts in the USA, Dr Bill Misner and Mr Steve Born The rest is history, a loyal and growing following that is fast spreading around the world!
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