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  • Nationality:Italy
  • Year Founded:1990
Our brand wasn’t born in a laboratory or big industrial marketing group. Nor was it borrowed from the automotive or any other industry. Instead, it was bred from the very roots of mountain biking: passion, dedication and love of the outdoors. Since the early ‘90’s, Geax has developed a range full of technologies that have propelled countless riders to the top, and continues to do so to this day. We are unique and exclusive, designing and manufacturing tyres specifically for your sport, your lifestyle, your passion. Ideas, creativity, art, the rush of irrationality…these are concepts that have fascinated humans for ages. Nature, wind, water, stones, earth…the elements of our surroundings, the rugged aspects of our world. Mountain biking is the catalyst by which these physical and intellectual elements interact, creating the passion that drives us. This is what motivates us day in and day out to bring you the best products. The technology, science, analysis, software, lab & field tests, engineers, and chemical formulations have but one goal: to deliver that epic, fluid ride on your favorite piece of single track. Enjoy your tyres. Enjoy your riding!
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