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  • Nationality:Italy
  • Year Founded:2014

Flat Bike Lift is an Italian manufacturer of just one product, the garage storage Flat Bike Lift. It is available directly from the company or through retailers worldwide.

The Lift is a pneumatically activated single bike storage mechanism. Purely mechanical, it holds one bike securely and retains it flat against a garage or carport ceiling, out of the way and easily retrieved or loaded. Construction is top-notch and quite versatile; an adjuster allows the rider to tune the lift to the weight of the bike, providing an even, easy raise or lower when loaded.

Many options are offered. Two-bike kits for kid's bikes, a broad rail for fat bikes, an impressive array of mounting hardware for nearly any ceiling, helmet racks, wheel stops, extenders for handle and rail, second handles, and colorful labels are all readily available. The company also makes custom modifications for its rack, for tandems, recumbents, and the like.

A small company making a single product and doing it well, Flat Bike Lift is making quite an impression. Check out their lift at a convenient retailer and see if they impress you too.

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