Dabomb Bike Parts & Accessories

  • Nationality:Taiwan
  • Year Founded:Unknown
More than 12 years ago we established DA BOMB. Our goal keeps simple. Make bikes with high quality and special design is our passion and that is what we believe in. Since then all of our products have been designed with that criteria in mind and has been reflected in both the aesthetics and performance of everything we make.
DA BOMB is focused on technologically advanced products, with a strong emphasis on hardcore CNC machining made with only the highest quality. DA BOMB is your companion on trails, rough terrain and even the most demanding man-made obstacles. DA BOMB products will be faithful to you wherever the trail leads you.
Cooperating with World Cup Championship racers, DA BOMB has gathered feedback from them and through this intimate relationship we listened, analyzed and incorporated their opinions into all of DA BOMB's creations. Everything we make has been designed by riders with an extreme attitude embedded in all of our products.
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