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  • Nationality:Taiwan
  • Year Founded:1991

Chien King Industrial Company is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of bike parts and accessories. A small company but quite capable, Chien King makes parts for re-branding and distribution. The company welcomes inquiries for stock and custom designs.

The company's range includes accessories for adult and kid's bikes: toe clips and straps, streamers, grips and tape, top tube covers, and rack straps. Each category includes a number of styles and colors; clips to fit a great many pedal styles with toe straps that match shoes or laces, rack straps with hooks for most attachment points, and astonishing variety in the kid's offerings: the streamers alone take up six catalogue pages.

More recently the company has gone green in a big way. As a manufacturer of bulk goods, changing from plastics to sustainable materials makes a significant difference: in 2016, the company received a Eurobike award for producing a pedal whose body is made entirely from rice farm waste.

Pedals are Chien King's flagship product. The current line includes platform pedals for everything from barefoot cruising to BMX freestyle, grippy, lightweight city bike pedals, colorful offset nylon pedals for kid's bikes, big beartraps for offroading, and narrow-bodied road pedals with integrated toe clips. Styles are nearly infinite in variety. The alloy and steel pedals have replaceable cages and repackable bearings, ready for a long life.

After over 25 years, Chien King has established itself as a reliable producer of solid, functional gear. Forward thinking and conscientious, they'll be around for many years to come.

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