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  • Nationality:Germany
  • Year Founded:1997

by.schulz is a German manufacturer of bicycle components and accessories designed to improve comfort and ease of adjustment. The full line is available from shops and distributors throughout Europe.

The company started simply enough, with a single product, the Speedlifter, a stem that can have its height adjusted without tools. Following that first success, a modified design, also able to rotate, was brought to market. Nearly a decade later, substantial success having provided the resources for experimentation, the company's roster of products expanded, adding a suspension seatpost, a stem-cap replacement clock, and more. Today the catalogue includes stems, seatposts, tools, add-ons, replacement parts, and more.

The stems are the company's stock in trade. Models are offered to fit a number of standard A-Head steering column internal diameters, providing lift and lower, twist, or both. The most versatile is the Speedlifter Twist Pro SDS, adjustable and rotatable, with a guard to prevent over-extension and an incorporated mount suitable for computer, GPS, or phone. Construction is quite sturdy; all stems are CNC-machined aluminum, with locking quick releases designed to bear up under heavy force.

The seatposts are a welcome addition to the catalogue. A substantial but effective design, the model provides highly sensitive responsiveness, making the rider quite comfortable on the roughest pavement. Posts are offered in a plethora of lengths, diameters, and spring strengths; replacement springs are also offered, an easy way to adapt a post for changes in riding style or rider.

Tools and adapters are available from by.schulz, everything a shop or home mechanic may need to fit one of the company's components correctly and safely. Shims for posts, a mudcover to keep the mechanism clean, cutting templates, quill adapters for threaded steerers, and a device docking system are offered.

by.schulz produces high quality components and ancillary gear sure to make riding a more pleasant experience. Worth a look.

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