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  • Nationality:Australia
  • Year Founded:Unknown
At Bioflex, we are proud to be an all Australian company, manufacturing sports nutritional supplements of the highest standards utilising local ingredients whenever possible. Our motivation to provide you with the best nutritional support available to achieve your goals ensure we stay ahead of the competition when it comes to the development of some of the most pure and ground-breaking supplements on the market. Having our own manufacturing facility and being in full control of the manufacturing and packaging process means we are also in charge of what goes into our products and can guarantee you are receiving the best quality products at the best possible price.We have a range of supplements to match the needs and support the goals of all individuals from a comprehensive protein range to more specialised products to assist in fat loss, weight gain, recovery and beyond - for details on our range please click here . Our comprehensive range is also suitable for both men and women from all sporting walks of life, from the 'weekend warrior' to the more serious athletes looking to get an advantage over the competition.We use no cheap fillers that are in many of the supplements on the market today and only high quality flavouring and artificial sweeteners allowing us to add less of these. This means you receive products that are more pure and in which every ingredient has a purpose.
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