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  • Nationality:U.S.A.
  • Year Founded:1991

Bike Friday is a U.S.-based manufacturer of folding bikes. The entire catalogue is available directly from the company, or from dealers in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Australia. Alongside the many stock models, the company offers a custom configurator, accessible online or by contacting Bike Friday directly.

The company was founded in 1991 with the delivery of the first production Bike Friday, the New World Tourist. The company's founders already had a long history with cycling: brothers Alan and Hanz Scholz were inveterate cyclists, racing as youths and taking epic tours. Alan founded Burley Bike Bags, home of the famous child trailer; Hanz took what was then a top-of-the-line folding bike to Europe and suffered. Teaming up, they began Green Gear Cycling, now known as Bike Friday, and began designing and building travel bikes. From that first model on, the company has established a world-wide reputation for top-quality folding bikes. Today one can get a Bike Friday for practically any road cycling discipline, from commuting to racing, tandems to touring.

The touring bikes, the original inspiration for the company, continue to thrive. The New World Tourist has been through many incarnations; today it soldiers on, available with derailleurs or internal gearing, electric assist motors, and all the traditional touring ancillary equipment, frm racks and lights to a suitcase that converts into a trailer. A beefier model, the Pocket Llama, is also offered; room for fatter tires and a sturdier frame make the Llama an excellent choice for a more rough-and-ready tourist.

The tandems demonstrate what possibilities there are when someone really puts their mind to making a bike travel-worthy. Not only do they fold up small enough to fit in a trunk, but they can be packed into two air-checkable suitcases. The most versatile model, the Family Tandem, fits just about any two riders: the Captain does need to be at least 4' 10", but a 3' tall Stoker will ride in comfort. At the other end, the Captain may be as much as 6' 5", the Stoker below 7'. Many customization options are available here as well, be it drivetrain and brakes, or a BionX power kit, or a stackable travel case trailer conversion.

The straight-up road bikes are speedsters, equipped with high-performing componentry, lightweight and stiff. Today's market provides a much improved tire selection over that of decades past, which the company has been quick to take advantage of; choices from Schwalbe and Kenda are top-quality road rubber. Bike Friday will build the frame to fit exactly, and include the parts group of the rider's choice.

City bikes are available in a wide variety. Commuters and regular riders have the Tikit and Pakit, fast bikes that fold quickly and are easily toted on subways or elevators. Both can be had with a Gates belt drive, grease-free and sure not to smudge work duds. The errand runner or family rider will love the Haul-a-day, its rear rack perfect for a rocket seat, or capable of carrying up to 200 pounds of cargo.

Bike Friday makes terrific folding bikes for a variety of uses. Take one out for a spin and perhaps you'll find a new riding compatriot that can travel with you anywhere.

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