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  • Nationality:Netherlands
  • Year Founded:2016

BibBits is a Netherlands-based manufacturer of a novel product for competitions: a magnetic holder for numbers. Holders for race numbers are available in a number of stock designs as well as custom, all directly from the company's site and deliverable worldwide.


Started in 2016, BibBits is off and running: its tiny magnetic 'pins' are already popular with cyclists and runners. Designs show up at the company website regularly, from serious to quirky.


The Bits are small and unintrusive, weighing in at a modest 20 grams for a set of four. The powerful magnets hold numbers securely, and are quite local in their effect, having no influence on tming tags.


BibBits makes a nice product for cyclists and runners who do not wish to intrude pins through their competition wear. The company offers a number of designs; stop by the online store and check them out.

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