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Betty designs
  • Nationality:U.S.A.
  • Year Founded:2010

Betty Designs is a manufacturer of women's triathlete and cycling clothing. From its humble beginnings Betty has grown to an international name in fashionable, comfortable clothing, associated with Zipp, Kestrel, K-Swiss, and many others. Betty's cycling line now includes jerseys, shorts, socks, casual tops, bra tops, arm and knee warmers, vests, knicks, bibs, and riding gloves, all available in a range of delightful styles, from bright colors to a formidable black.

Begun in 2010 by freelance designer Kristin Mayer, who took a backpack full of hand-sewn samples to the Ironman in hopes of selling enough to pay for the material, Betty Designs has never looked back. Since selling that first collection the Betty skull-and-butterfly logo has been a fixture at triathlons, velodromes and criteriums.

Comfortable and exceptionally stylish, the designs throughout the line seamlessly blend form and function, from the multi-colored matching Jacquard shorts and jersey, to the hot pink aero gloves, to the black-with-snakeskin cuff cool-weather second layer. Consistency in sizing is a watchword at Betty; when your favorite shorts finally give up the ghost, buy the same size and your flashy new ones will fit perfectly.

Team Betty sponsors a number of promising amateur athletes with a three-tier program. Initially planning to limit sponsorship to a just a handful of new potential greats, Mayer was overwhelmed by the number and quality of her applicants and expanded the program to include partial sponsorship of many more. The Team is exclusively younger athletes; Team Betty's mission is to support new competitors. Future podiums will be brighter with Betty.

Purveyors of excellent women's athletic wear, with an astonishing range of fashionable options, Betty has you covered. Stop by your local shop and be dressed by Betty today!

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