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  • Nationality:Canada
  • Year Founded:1985
Banshee Bikes is still a relatively young company, but the people working behind the scenes were part of the industry even before the birth of mountain biking. Jay MacNeil has been in and out of the industry for more than 20 years. He started back in 1985 at Syncros Applied Technology and managed the production after graduating from technical college for operations management. When Syncros was sold to GT Bicycles he then left the industry, went back to school to get smarter and got certified in production and inventory management. Jay has been riding the North Shore before anyone had even thought of front suspension and has raced both XC and downhill but his true passion has and will always be freeriding. Keith Scott has come up through the ranks from working in a bike shop, through experience in the civil engineering industry, to a masters degree in mechanical engineering at a top university where he specialised in linkage design, materials and manufacturing. After spending every summer for 5 years in BC and spending one of them working for Banshee as a grom, he established himself as one of the mountain bike designers to watch in the future. Keith loves the mountains and the outdoors, his other passions are trail building, hiking, rock climbing and snowboarding. He has been a youth leader for outdoor sports and has lead expeditions through the French and Italian Alps.
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