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  • Nationality:U.S.A.
  • Year Founded:2012

Abbey Bike Tools is a maker of high-quality, shop-grade tools. Started in 2012 by Jason Quade in Bend, Oregon, the company began with custom, one-off tools for mechanic friends. The exceptional quality of the work brought them to the attention of pro mechanics everywhere; fifteen teams in the 2014 Tour de France used Abbey.

Currently Abbey produces a select number of very good tools. Some highlights of the range: the Crombie tool is available in single and double-sided versions, there is a thru-axle adapter for truing (fits anything from a 20 x 110 to 12 x 150), a bearing press (armed with a half-dozen drifts), a chain whip (holds a Crombie inside), and a smashing pedal wrench (equipped with a traditional 15mm flat and both 6 and 8mm hex heads) with white oak handles. Custom drifts and convenience parts are available on request.

Almost every tool is machined to incredible precision from billet aluminum. A notable exception is the titanium hammer, outlandish on its face but a fundamental of any pro's toolkit. The hanger alignment gauge is machined to tolerances under one-thousandth of an inch.

Tools are often named after the first person to ask for one; thus the lightweight rotor truing tool is called the Stu Stick, the truing stand adaptor is the Geiszler, and the lock ring tool is, of course, the Crombie.

Abbey fills in the blank spots in any serious bike mechanic's toolbag. Check out the catalogue today and find exactly what you've been missing.

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