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  • Nationality:UK
  • Year Founded:2013

7 Intelligent Design Protection is a U.K.-based manufacturer of protective gear for off-road cyclists. The extensive lineup includes apparel, pads, helmets, braces, and gloves. The catalogue is available from bike shops around the world through the extensive distribution network, as well as directly from the company through its online store.

Helmets run the gamut, from skate park to full-face downhill. A brace of enduro helmets completes the range, offering an appropriate lid for rough rides anywhere. All of 7iDP's gear meets CE, CPSC, and AS safety standards. The gloves, all full-finger, span from lightweight enduro to heavy-duty three-season gloves with palm and back protection.

Clothing includes shorts with soft or armored padding and compression-fit jerseys with spine protection in short or long sleeve. Full upper-body armor is also available, fitting comfortably with internal padding and extensive freedom of movement. 7iDP also offers a special-purpose ankle brace, keeping a potentially troublesome area safe.

The joint protectors are the cream of the crop. The company offers a range of knee, ankle and elbow protection, from the inexpensive Transition to the top-of-the-line Control. 7iDP eschews excessive Velcro, preferring to fit its pieces with as little in the way of chafing straps as possible; pieces are pull-on, with Boa dials incorporated for snugging.

The Transition pads include impact-hardening foam pads, and can be rolled up or taken off entirely and tossed in a pack. Flex adds a hard cap for additional protection; Control is fully armored for the maximum in abuse absorption. The knee pads also include a longer knee-and-shin protector and a customisable Covert, which allows the rider to select the padding appropriate for the ride.

7 Intelligent Design makes effective, comfortable protective gear for off-roading. With reasonable prices to boot, it's worth the investment.

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