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The Week That Was in Cycling Social Media (Week 50)

As you may well have guessed, the team at BikeRoar spend a fair bit of time using social media. Here are our top posts for the previous week. 

Here are BikeRoar's favorite cycling related social media posts / tweets / pins (and whatever it is you do on Google+) for the week that's been.


1. It's great to see that Skylar Grey and Eminem want to ride a bicycle. Fun bike related music video (may not be suitable for viewing at work).

Skylar Grey


2. Tweet of the week. Yes I find Pat McQuade a bit prickly aswell, I think @inrng hit the nail on the head with this tweet.


Pat McQuaid


3. This is the winner for the most shared / posted item. I have seen it on lots of the cycling pages and it has the most comment and shares for the week.


Awesome Cyclist


4. BikeRoar's most popular post of the week (I was a bit surprised).


Toilet Bike


5. Below are the best bike photos of the week found on Apres Velo, Bikes & More, Drunk Cyclist & What Mountain Bike's pages.


Tri Trike



Cyclo X Horse



MTB Crash


Let us know what your favorites were!

SamAuthor: Sam Spencer
Sam has been a keen cyclist since he learned how to walk. Starting with BMX at a young age, he then participated in many areas of competitive cycling. A regular commuter, Sam has worked as a cycling instructor and coach for an outdoor education program.

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