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  • Carbon XXX Saddle

    Bontrager carbon xxx saddle 301174 15

    Less is more What can 68 grams of greatness do for your ride? Weighing in at virtually nothing, the Bontrager Carbon XXX saddle is an engineering marvel that's designed to be ridden. Extensive testing delivered a feather-light inForm Biodynamic saddle with a full cut-out that's perfecty comfortable for even the long...

    MSRP: $379.99
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  • Team Professional Classic

    Brooks teampro riv blk 10 m

    In production for more than half a century, Brooks' Team Professional Classic can truly be described as "timeless". With a narrower, race-oriented shape, it's ideal for road bikes that have a more aggressive fit. Like every Brooks saddle it shapes itself to the rider as the miles tick by, offering the customized sup...

    MSRP: $145.00
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  • Swift Titanium

    Brks swift brn 08 mf

    Rooted in Brooks' racing heritage, the Swift Titanium features a racy shape and narrow shoulders, ideal for road bikes with a more aggressive fit. Every Brooks saddle shapes itself to its rider, offering the timeless, customized support that the company's reputation is built upon. The super-light titanium frame and ...

    MSRP: $295.00
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  • Luxe Vegan Leather Saddle

    Brooklyn bicycle co. cushioned leatherette saddle copy 237241 1

    The Luxe Walnut Vegan Leather Saddle from Brooklyn Bicycle Company puts comfort first and foremost, but certainly doesn't skimp on style. The Luxe Walnut offers a Comfort style, which features tough, industrial rivets and a plush spring to absorb road vibrations, and a Touring style, which is pared down for a sporti...

    MSRP: $39.99
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  • B15 Swallow Chrome

    Brks swal brn 08 f

    Brooks' B15 Swallow has been described as the precursor to all modern racing saddles. When it was first patented in 1937 it became immediately popular among the professional racers of the era, and has remained imminently popular amongst cyclists who prefer a sporty, performance-oriented saddle. Like every Brooks sad...

    MSRP: $210.00
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  • B17 Titanium

    Brks b17 ti ant brn 08 m

    Searching for the ultimate touch of class for your bike? Brooks' B17 Titanium sets a new standard for style and luxury. The super-light titanium rails and frame damp vibration and add passive suspension. Combine this with the timeless, customized comfort that's at the core of every Brooks saddle and you're sure to p...

    MSRP: $295.00
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  • Flyer S Special - Women's

    Brks flyer special s ant brn 08 m

    Hailing from the 1927 Brooks catalog, the Flyer Select S has supported nearly a century of long-distance tourists, trekkers, and globe-trotting adventurers on their journeys. Using the same women's-specific saddle shape as Brooks' perennial favorite, the B17 S, the Flyer Select adds an extra dash of plush, bump-bust...

    MSRP: $190.00
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  • B66

    Brks b66 ant brn 08 m

    Among Brooks' most loved products, the B66 has inspired generations of cyclists to explore the open road on two wheels. The B66 was first sold in 1927 and has remained unchanged since, with classic double seat rails and rear springs. It's an ideal all-rounder for cyclists who like their handlebars higher than their ...

    MSRP: $165.00
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  • B190

    Brks b190 black 08 m

    Another addition to Brooks' heavy-duty commuting and touring lineup, the B190 will take your daily rides from rough, pothole-ridden treks to sublime, glides through town. It's equipped with double rear coil springs and a double loop front spring so every bump and bang of the open road simply vanishes. And, of course...

    MSRP: $215.00
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  • Dardo

    Selle royal dardo copy 208431 1

    Selle Royal's Dardo saddle boasts RoyalGel padding, which eliminates pressure points to keep you comfortable no matter how far you ride. Thanks to water resistant RVL technology, scuff guards, and a nose protector, this athletic saddle is durable, too.

    MSRP: $49.99
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