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  • Illume Shoe Cover

    Giant illume shoe cover 244141 1 13 3

    ILLUMINATE THE WAY. Comfort, visibility, and protection from the elements. You get it all with our innovative Illume Series. Each piece features reflective details, so you remain visible in low-light situations. Features - High-visibility yellow with reflective logo and details increase visibility - ProTextura techn...

    MSRP: $35.00
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  • S2 Softshell Shoe Cover

    Bontrager s2 softshell shoe cover 190772 1 11 1

    Warm feet are happy feet Extend your riding season with the S2 Softshell Shoe Cover. Designed specifically for insulation and weather protection over your regular footwear, this cover will keep your feet warm and dry in temps below 30°F/-1°C. Key features - Choose the right gear for your climate—S1 for above freezin...

    MSRP: $99.99
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  • Resistor Aero Shoe Cover

    Sugoi resistor aero shoe cover 236559 1 11 1

    This aero cover reduces wind drag with streamlined profile, while providing additional thermal protection and grime barrier. - PU coated stretch Lycra offers lightweight wind protection and water resistance - Streamlined fit with an extra tall cuff for improved aerodynamics - Offset rear zip to reduce Achilles tendo...

    MSRP: $45.00
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  • S1 Softshell Shoe Cover

    Bontrager s1 softshell shoe cover 190771 1 12 2

    Extend your cycling season Round out your cycling wardrobe with one of our most popular autumn road products. The S1 Softshell Shoe Cover keeps you warm, dry, and protected in rainy or dry conditions above freezing. Key features - Choose the right gear for your climate—S1 for above freezing, S2 for below - Profila S...

    MSRP: $59.99
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  • Zap Aero Shoe Cover

    Sugoi zap aero shoe cover 236560 1 11 1

    Full garment reflective visibility, so you can dial up the pace in confidence in this lightweight aero design. - Polyester construction with microglass beads provides durability and high visibility - Streamlined fit with an extra tall cuff for improved aerodynamics - Offset rear zip to reduce Achilles tendon irritat...

    MSRP: $80.00
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  • Halo S1 Softshell Shoe Cover

    Bontrager halo s1 softshell shoe cover 190768 1 11 1

    Beautiful biomotion The Halo S1 Softshell Shoe Cover is your answer for day and night detectability at temps at or above 30-degree F/-1-degree C. With both high-viz color and reflective material in a single garment, Halo provides ultimate visibility, day or night. Key features - Choose the right gear for your climat...

    MSRP: $89.99
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  • P.R.O. Barrier Lite Shoe Cover

    Pearl izumi p.r.o. barrier lite shoe covers 329824 11

    Pearl Izumi's thinnest, lightest and most aerodynamic shoe cover is perfect for racing or riding in cool, windy conditions. It's made with a breathable P.R.O. Barrier Lite fabric that stretches to optimize your aero advantage while keeping your feet dry and comfortable. It also features a zippered rear closure for i...

    MSRP: $40.00
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  • Thermax II Cycling Shoe Covers

    Louis garneau thermax ii cycling shoe covers 318623 1

    Protect your feet from the elements with the Thermax II. This shoe cover provides high insulation from the cold and is very water resistant. The Thermax II offers maximum visibility thanks to reflective accents located at the front, rear and side. DETAILS: - Fabric: All seam-sealed 3 mm super stretch neoprene lamina...

    MSRP: $49.99
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  • H2O II Cycling Shoe Covers

    Louis garneau h2o ii cycling shoe covers 318627 1

    For those cool days when rain forces you to cover your shoes, the H2O 2 knows no equal. This shoe cover offers extreme protection from torrential downpours. The bottom of the shoe is almost entirely covered while the top repels water and also blocks wind. DETAILS: - Neoprene cuff: Better fit that prevents infiltrati...

    MSRP: $49.99
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  • Wind Dry II Cycling Shoe Covers

    Louis garneau wind dry ii cycling shoe covers 318625 1

    If the sun is shining, why not go for a ride despite the cold? The Wind Dry 2 is an excellent wind-breaker that will protect your feet from the cold so you can extend your riding season safely thanks to reflective accents on all sides. DETAILS: - Fabric: WIND DRY fabric blocks cold while providing breathability - Ne...

    MSRP: $44.99
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