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  • Beatnik

    Jamis beatnik 282473 1

    This is stripped-down, go fast gear for the urban jungle. Steel frames to soak up anything the city has to throw at you. Brakes and flip- op hub just in case. Everything you need to survive on pedals on the street. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    MSRP: $319.00
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  • Back Alley

    Raleigh back alley 277683 1

    Raleigh's Back Alley has got grit to spare so you can tackle downtown traffic on your way to the coffee shop. This fixed-gear steed features a steel frame that's rugged and responsive as you weave through potholes, and the tough 700C wheels wrapped in Kenda tires dive into corners confidently. With all that quicknes...

    MSRP: $449.99
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  • Tripper

    Raleigh tripper copy 240786 1

    Raleigh's Tripper keeps things as stripped down and simple as possible. The low-maintenance single-speed drivetrain and rear coaster brake mean an absolute minimum of maintenance, while maximizing super fun riding. Wide Clement tires and the smooth-riding chromoly frame and fork mean the Tripper may be the realest, ...

    MSRP: $519.99
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  • Undefeated II

    State undefeated ii 01 2017

    The 2017 State Bicycles Undefeated II is a track bike willing to slum it on the street. Kitted out with bolt-on hubs, SRAM's Omnium crankset, fast-rolling Michelin slicks, and a Spartan Ritchey cockpit, as shipped the build includes a flip-flop hub and calipers for conversion to a street speedster. The FSA drops are...

    MSRP: $979.99
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  • Pista Team Frameset

    Avanti pista team frameset 01 2017

    The 2017 Avanti Pista Team Frameset is a top-of-the-line track frameset. Medal winner in the 2016 Olympics, the design is now available in production; build your own championship speed machine. Construction is all carbon, with the minimalist layout track racers expect, plus the tightest possible wheel clearance, a s...

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  • Pista Pursuit Team Frameset

    Avanti pista pursuit team frameset 01 2017

    The 2017 Avanti Pista Pursuit Team Frameset is a track frameset. A gorgeous piece of work, ridden in the 2016 Olympics, the production version makes no sacrifices: Avanti's custom carbon blend, precise construction from hair-thin rear wheel clearance to stem-bar-fork join, profiled tubes, extremely stiff stays for m...

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  • Paddy Wagon Stubby

    Kona paddy wagon stubby 01 2017

    Aggressive urban riding lays some fairly specific demands on a bike. Kona’s Paddy Wagon Stubby checks off that entire list to get you from A to B with speed, reliability, and a heaping plate of fun. The Reynolds 520 chromoly frame rides like a buttered dream and puts up with the day-to-day abuse that hobbles lesser ...

    MSRP: $699.00
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  • Nature Boy

    All city nature boy complete 290409 1

    Whether you're slaying the competition on the race course or taking on the city streets, All-City's Nature Boy is a singlespeed 'cross monster. The 612 chromoly steel frame and tapered chromoly fork soak up less-than-perfect tarmac and rough-and-tumble dirt or grass with equal ease. Race-inspired geometry keeps thin...

    MSRP: $999.00
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  • Langster Durango

    Specialized langster durango 263538 1

    Specialized's Langster Durango has everything that you'd expect from an ultra-responsive bike with tight track geometry, only with a little flair cooked in. It features a fine Specialized frame made of lightweight A1 Premium aluminum that boasts aero tubing ensconced in a special Brazilian-themed paint job and a fes...

    MSRP: $950.00
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  • Steamroller

    Surly steamroller 278073 13

    The Steamroller is the bicycle in its simplest form — the fixie. You may be thinking, “Fixies are so 2008” or “All the blogs I read say I should like something different now.” Well, the Steamroller is different. Built for the streets, it has a geometry that’s closer to that of a road bike than a true track bike. Cou...

    MSRP: $750.00
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