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  • Break-Away Bike Travel Bag

    Ritchey break away bike travel bag 283980 1 11 1

    The Break-Away Bike Deluxe Travel Case was designed specifically for Ritchey Break-Away bikes. Travel easier and save money by packing your Break-Away bike in this durable and rugged bag. Includes pockets for smaller parts, copious amounts of frame padding, and durable wheels for easy portage. - Measures 8.5"W x 26....

    MSRP: $299.95
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  • Comp XC Pedals

    Ritchey comp xc pedals 284209 1 11 1

    The Comp version of Ritchey's world-beating Paradigm pedal has been redesigned from the ground, up. New engagement system provides best-in-class entry and release and excellent mud-shedding characteristics. The revamped axle system offers even greater bearing life, and a wider body improves stability. - Body: Cast a...

    MSRP: $59.95
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  • Superlogic C260 84D Stem

    Ritchey superlogic c260 84d stem 284235 1 11 1

    Ritchey's first full-carbon stem was designed to meet the needs of high-wattage European Classics specialists. The Carbon C260 adds to the amazing strength-to-weight ratio of our C260 alloy and Carbon Matrix stems through the use of high modulus carbon fiber, increased boom diameter, and a wider clamp. Gram-for-gram...

    MSRP: $269.95
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  • SwissCross Canti Frameset

    Ritchey swisscross canti frameset 283946 1 11 1

    Many Ritchey-sponsored mountain bike champions were also cyclocross champions—Thomas Frischknecht, Henrik Djernis and Ruthie Matthes, to name a few. And though they were paid to race Ritchey mountain bikes, they often wanted a Ritchey cyclocross bike to race in the winter. This ultimately resulted in another iconic ...

    MSRP: $1,179.95
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  • WCS Carbon 1-Bolt Seatpost Clamp 7 x 7mm Clamp

    Ritchey wcs alloy 1 bolt seatpost clamp 7 x 7mm rails 284275 1 11 1

    Saddle Rail Clamp outer-pieces to adapt WCS Carbon 1-bolt posts to various saddle rail dimensions. - To retrofit WCS One-Bolt Carbon Seatpost - Material: 7050 alloy - 7x7mm

    MSRP: $13.95
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  • Break-Away CrMo Road Frameset

    Ritchey break away crmo road frameset 283950 1 11 1

    Avoid the extra baggage fees, but still fully experience adventures by bike when you travel. The Ritchey Break-Away road frame is a full-size bike that can be split apart to fit into its own special travel case that's basically the same size as a normal checked bag at the airport. The Break-Away Road frame is made f...

    MSRP: $1,599.00
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  • Break-Away Downtube Hinge Clamp

    Ritchey break away downtube hinge clamp 284254 1 11 1

    Replacement frame parts and hinge clamps for Ritchey Break-Away frames. - 45.0mm Hinge clamp compatible with boom tube of Break-Away Tandem

    MSRP: $19.95
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  • WCS Center Lock to 6 Bolt Adaptor

    Ritchey wcs center lock to 6 bolt adaptor 284289 1 11 1

    Adapter for mounting 6-bolt rotors to Center Lock hubs. - Allows use of 6-Bolt Rotors on Ritchey Center Lock Hubs - For use with any Center Lock Hub - Sold individually

    MSRP: $39.95
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  • Logic 1-inch Threaded Headset

    Ritchey logic 1 inch threaded headset 284335 1 11 1

    The Ritchey Logic Threaded Headset is your go-to headset for threaded steerers. Featuring a smaller upper bearing to save weight, the Logic Threaded headset also features lightweight, precision-machined aluminum cups that are deeper for more confident insertion. - Smaller upper bearing to save weight - Lightweight, ...

    MSRP: $14.85
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  • WCS Alloy 1-Bolt Seatpost Clamp 7 x 7mm Rails

    Ritchey wcs alloy 1 bolt seatpost clamp 7 x 7mm rails 284275 1 11 1

    Saddle Rail Clamp outer-pieces to adapt WCS Alloy 1-bolt posts to various saddle rail dimensions. - To retrofit WCS One-Bolt Alloy Seatpost - Material: 7050 alloy - For 7x7mm saddle rail size

    MSRP: $13.95
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