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    Fitbikeco str yumi fc 252323 1 11 1

    The STR-YUMI takes performance up a notch with a full Chromoly frame and fork, Chromoly bars, and a free coaster hub. You get the standard STR's 25/9 gearing, tubular Chromoly cranks and FIT 36h rims wrapped in 2.4-inch FIT T/A tires, with an upgraded FIT BARSTOOL pivotal seat and FIT MAC PC pedals to hold you tight...

    MSRP: $499.95
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  • Corriere FC

    Fitbikeco corriere fc 252317 1 11 1

    The Corriere complete comes with an LHD free coaster, four plastic pegs, street-specific geo, FIT Mac pedals, a Barstool seat and, of course, 100% Chromoly frame and fork for all your flatland antics. 2.4-inch T/A rubber put grip and control where you need it, and 9.25-inch 2-piece bars let you crack whips for days.

    MSRP: $539.95
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  • Mac Man

    Fitbikeco mac man 252326 1 11 1

    Mac's been at it for a while now and the latest Mac Man complete shows he's at the top of his game. A full CrMo frame and fork with 20.25-inch top tube ride on 36h FIT wheels wrapped in 2.4-inch FIT DURO/OEM tires can take everything you can dish out. A shorter bar, 165mm FIT CrMo cranks, and Mac's own MAC PC pedals...

    MSRP: $439.95
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  • Eighteen

    Fitbikeco eighteen 252332 1 11 1

    Shredding that middle ground between a 16-inch and a full-size BMX bike is Fitbikeco's Eighteen. It features the same 25/9 compact gearing and super-tough 36-hole wheels as its bigger siblings but is sized just right for your mid-sized ripper. This tight ride also brings Chromoly cranks and a sealed mid bottom brack...

    MSRP: $379.95
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  • Spriet

    Fitbikeco spriet 252321 1 11 1

    Spriet's signature bike is a chromed-out beast built to take abuse from the likes of Justin himself. It has a full Chromoly frame and fork, 9.25-inch bars, and 36-hole FIT wheels wrapped in beefy 2.4-inch rubber to make all your flatland dreams come true. Four steel pegs might help, so you get those, too. What more ...

    MSRP: $439.95
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  • Begin FC

    Fitbikeco begin fc 252316 1 11 1

    Brandon Begin's clear-over-raw frame might be understated, but it's packed with performance. Four-piece bars, four pegs (with sleeves), FIT Mac PC pedals, and a free coaster match everything you put into it. Add gray 2.4" tires, a matching Barstool pivotal seat, and snappy street geometry and the Begin Signature is ...

    MSRP: $539.95
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    Fitbikeco prk bagz 252322 1 11 1

    The PRK-BAGZ takes the tried-and-true PRK formula and adds more Chromoly to the frame and fork for extra strength. Additional upgrades include a taller 9.25-inch bar, 170mm Chromoly cranks, MAC PC pedals, and a FIT BARSTOOL pivotal seat and post, with the same gyro and bomber 36h rims and 2.4-inch OEM tires as the s...

    MSRP: $419.95
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  • Misfit Balance

    Fitbikeco misfit balance 252312 1 11 1

    Ignite the love for BMX and watch the natural progression from balancing to pedaling and on to big wheels with the Misfit Balance bike. The sturdy steel frame and wide 12-inch tires create a stable platform for learning how to ride, and the mini riser bar and large padded seat provide solid points of contact for con...

    MSRP: $159.95
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  • Dugan

    Fitbikeco dugan 252318 1 11 1

    The hair. The attitude. The skills. You can't have Dugan's style, but you can rep his bike. This year's Dugan Signature sticks with left side drive and full-Chromoly frame and fork but shortens the top tube to 20.75 for a more classic geo. 2.4-inch T/A tires keep you planted, and Odyssey Twisted pedals, tall bars, a...

    MSRP: $479.95
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  • Augie FC

    Fitbikeco augie fc 252325 1 11 1

    Austin Augie's 20.5-inch TT, full-Chromoly complete has a street-specific geometry and a short offset fork that makes it super responsive in the street. Spec'd with a Cafe Tripod seat, grey 2.4 T/A tires, a forged top load stem, and double-wall rear rim, the Augie opens up a new world of possibility.

    MSRP: $539.95
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