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  • Thru-Axle Rack Mount

    Specialized rack mount thru axle 306068 1

    Add a rack to your frame, even if you don’t have rack mounts. This innovative design allows a standard rack to be bolted directly to the thru-axle for a clean and simple look. It's made from lightweight aluminum to keep weight down and durability high, and it features threads inside of the axle to install the lower ...

    MSRP: $30.00
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  • Air Tool Road Pump

    Specialized air tool road pump 307066 1

    The Air Tool Road is a minimalistic frame pump that provides efficiency and reliability for high-pressure road tires. - All new, inverted double chamber design increases the air handling capacity by 25% compared to our previous design, reducing pumping time by up to two minutes. - Presta-only head keeps size and wei...

    MSRP: $30.00
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  • Seat Pack – Large

    Specialized seat pack lg 309428 1

    The Large Seat Pack mixes a low-profile, aesthetically pleasing shape with ample storage room (10x6.5x18cm) for your larger riding essentials. It attaches to the saddle easily via hook-and-loop straps, and it features a roll-up closure to keep its contents safe. You'll also find a reflective patch at the rear that i...

    MSRP: $40.00
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  • Stormproof Seat Pack—Small

    Specialized stormproof seat packsmall 309432 1

    Specialized's Stormproof Small Seat Pack provides you with all the storage (7.5x4x15cm) you need for your smaller gear in a low-profile, fully waterproof package. It features an expandable, zippered compartment, so you'll never run out of room for the essentials, plus a roll-up closure system that keeps its contents...

    MSRP: $40.00
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  • Element Windstopper Hat

    Specialized element windstopper hat 311339 1

    When the conditions turn nasty, wearing a hat under your helmet isn't just a good idea—it's a necessity. But honestly, almost every hat that's designed for more than just soaking up summer sweat is simply too bulky to wear in tandem with a helmet. Well, lucky for you, Specialized's Element WINDSTOPPER Hat checks eve...

    MSRP: $35.00
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  • Therminal Bib Knickers

    Specialized therminal bib knickers 311347 1

    If you don't have to shovel your sidewalk to get the bike out for a winter ride, you probably don't need bib tights that are designed for freezing temperatures. Instead, you might be more comfortable in something like our Therminal Bib Knickers this winter. For the construction, these bib knickers feature our Thermi...

    MSRP: $130.00
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  • Shasta Track Jacket

    Specialized womens shasta track jacket 311351 11

    From footballers to break dancers, the track jacket has been adopted by many incarnations of cool, and now, it's cycling's turn. Our Shasta Track Jacket takes the fashionable stylings of a traditional track jacket and morphed the construction and cut to meet the needs of an active lifestyle. The knit materials used ...

    MSRP: $85.00
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  • Deflect H2O Road Jacket

    Specialized deflect h2o road jacket 311371 1

    Getting caught in the rain is one thing, but starting your day in lousy conditions is a whole other story. And for when the heavens are open and the water is pouring at the start of your day, we have the Deflect H2O Road Jacket. The solution to this problem all starts with the materials, which is why we used our own...

    MSRP: $200.00
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  • S-Wallet Phone

    Specialized s wallet phone 309425 1

    Bikes play an integral part in our daily lives, and this Phone S-Wallet lets the world know just how much. It's made from the same material found on our S-Works shoes, so it's guaranteed to be soft, supple, and extremely durable. It features a magnetic flap and one pocket to hold your essential cash and or card. Car...

    MSRP: $35.00
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  • Men's Sirrus Elite Alloy

    Specialized mens sirrus elite alloy 311751 11

    There's nothing elitist about our Sirrus Elite. In fact, it's designed to help anyone along their path to fitness and health. Need proof? How do a durable, lightweight aluminum frame and a FACT carbon fiber fork sound? If you ask us, it sounds like you found your partner in health. But if you need more convincing, l...

    MSRP: $1,000.00
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