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  • BG Grail Long Finger Gloves - Women's

    Specialized bg grail long finger gloves womens 225359 12

    Looking for the perfect combination of handlebar feel, grip, and comfort? You're search is over. You've found the Specailized Grail. The Grail features a synthetic leather palm with a minimal teardrop shape and the Equalizer gel pad to create a uniform surface. This pad protects sensitive nerves and arteries in the ...

    MSRP: $18.00
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  • Torch 2.0 Road Shoes

    Specialized torch 2.0 road shoes 311369 14

    The Torch 2.0 Road shoes are all about comfort — well, comfort and performance that is. Due to the materials, road shoes often feel stiff and uncomfortable. Specialized decided to address this annoyance head on, though. To do so, they've implemented a 100% mesh and TPU construction on the Torch 2.0 that allows for m...

    MSRP: $150.00
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  • Road Tall Socks

    Specialized road tall socks 330343 1

    - VaporRize yarns are extremely lightweight and soft against the skin, placing an emphasis on moisture transfer and minimizing friction. - Compression cuff adds security and comfort over the course of the entire ride. - PowerBand mid-foot arch supports the foot and secures the shape and fit where the foot needs it m...

    MSRP: $22.00
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  • Atlas Pro Jersey

    Specialized atlas pro jersey 330365 11

    If you've been on the hunt for the perfect in-between going full Lycra and a t-shirt, the Atlas Pro Jersey is what you've been looking for. - The front panel features a lightweight VaporRize knit fabric that's highly breathable with engineered perforations throughout for consistent airflow. - The back panel has a ne...

    MSRP: $80.00
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  • Women's RBX Pro Jersey

    Specialized womens rbx pro jersey 330370 1

    Just because you want the best doesn't mean you want a race cut, right? We hear you loud and clear, and that's why we made a jersey that combines the maximum comfort with the maximum performance? Say hello to the Women's RBX Pro Jersey. - VaporRize knit fabric has been combined with a lightweight, four-way stretch w...

    MSRP: $150.00
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  • Women's SWAT Liner Shorts

    Specialized womens swat liner shorts 330372 1

    Not all liner shorts are created equal, and with a patent-pending design, Specialized's Women's SWAT Liner Shorts intend to keep it that way. - VapoRize mesh fabrics are extremely cool, comfortable, and lightweight, while also creating a dual benefit of being highly effective at moisture wicking and evaporation. - T...

    MSRP: $65.00
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  • SWAT Pro Liner Shorts

    Specialized swat pro liner shorts 330360 1

    Not all liner shorts are created equally, and with a patent-pending design, the SWAT Pro Liner Shorts intend on keeping it that way. - VapoRize mesh fabrics are extremely cool, comfortable, and lightweight, while also creating a dual benefit of being highly effective at moisture wicking and evaporation. - Two integr...

    MSRP: $100.00
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  • Demo Long Sleeve Jersey

    Specialized demo long sleeve jersey 330362 11

    If you're tackling the trail with the throttle wide open, you're bound to take a few spills—sorry, it's just a fact of life. This, however, doesn't mean that your clothes need to be made out of stuffy, military-grade canvas, but they do need to be both durable and comfortable. With this in mind, Specialized delivers...

    MSRP: $70.00
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  • Deflect UV Beanie

    Specialized deflect uv beanie 330379 1

    If you're like us, you have a strong distaste to sweat in your eyes while you're out riding. And to make matters worse, sunblock just adds another ingredient into the recipe for temporary blindness and discomfort. What to do? Grab a Deflect UV Beanie and make stinging eyes a thing of the past. - Next-to-skin, all-ov...

    MSRP: $25.00
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  • Men's Rockhopper Expert

    Specialized mens rockhopper expert 303120 1

    The Rockhopper Expert is the perfect bike to begin your dive into the XC world. That's because Specialized built it to be light, durable, and exceedingly capable. It starts with an A1 SL alloy frame that has optimized tube shapes which save weight while dramatically improving aesthetics. To go along with these clean...

    MSRP: $925.00
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