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  • Roubaix Elite

    Specialized roubaix elite 306091 1

    The idea of a perfect road is a myth, as there's always a chip, a crack, a rough patch—you name it. But with our Roubaix Elite, you'll be taming wild asphalt without any extra effort. This is how road bikes were always meant to be. The super-light frame has been constructed from our FACT 10r carbon fiber. Its stiffn...

    MSRP: $2,800.00
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  • Demo 8 I Carbon

    Specialized demo 8 i carbon 306092 1

    Downhill racing is a whole different beast—with insane rock gardens, gnarly ruts and roots, crazy drops, and often uncontrollable speeds, you need to have as much confidence in your bike as you do in yourself. And the Demo 8 I Carbon gives you the confidence you need to get down the run as quickly as possible. When ...

    MSRP: $5,500.00
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  • Roubaix

    Specialized roubaix 304648 11

    The Specialized Roubaix provides you with the tools you need to explore the road less traveled, while keeping room in your wallet for a mid-ride brew. The light weight frame has been constructed from our FACT 9r carbon fiber. Its stiffness levels are also off the charts. The front end features Future Shock technolog...

    MSRP: $1,900.00
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  • Ruby

    Specialized ruby 304643 11

    With a mix of comfort, performance, and value, the Ruby is the perfect steed for exploring roads that are, well, less than ideal. The frame is among the lightest that we've ever made, and it's been constructed from our superlative FACT 9r carbon fiber. Its stiffness levels are also excellent, and compared to the SL4...

    MSRP: $1,900.00
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  • Dolce Sport

    Specialized dolce sport 303109 1

    We're adamant that if you feel like riding somewhere, your bike should be able to take you there with the utmost in confidence. That's why we designed the Dolce Sport to give you all of the performance that you need for the road, with a little extra boost to make riding over rougher terrain a breeze. Making sure eve...

    MSRP: $950.00
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  • Fatboy Comp Carbon

    Specialized fatboy comp carbon copy 307389 1

    Every now and again, we're all faced with going on a diet, and the same is true for our Fatboy. With the new Fatboy Comp Carbon, we've elevated the fat bike platform to a higher level of performance, strength, and efficiency. It features a sophisticated 10m carbon construction that's lightweight, ultra-compliant, an...

    MSRP: $2,800.00
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  • Roubaix Pro

    Specialized roubaix pro 306097 1

    So long Zertz. It's been fun, but we found someone better for us. In our humble opinion, the Roubaix Pro represents the future of road bikes, and in a second, you'll see exactly why. The super-light frame has been constructed from our FACT 10r carbon fiber. Its stiffness levels are also off the charts, and compared ...

    MSRP: $6,500.00
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  • Stumpjumper Comp Carbon 6Fattie

    Specialized stumpjumper comp carbon 6fattie 29 307409 1

    What happens when you merge two worlds of innovative technology and pedigree? You get the future of trail bikes, aka, the Stumpjumper Comp Carbon 6Fattie. It features our revolutionary 6Fattie Wheel/Tire System that takes 650b wheels and wraps them in 3.0" tires. The result? New levels of traction, control, and floa...

    MSRP: $3,500.00
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  • Stumpjumper Pro 29/6Fattie

    Specialized stumpjumper pro 29 6fattie 307411 1

    Why should S-Works have all the fun? With our Stumpjumper Pro 29/6Fattie, you get many of the same performance features, like Ohlins front and rear suspension, so you can climb and descend with the best of them at the break- neck speed 29ers are known the world over for. Starting at the carbon layup, it features our...

    MSRP: $6,400.00
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  • Men's Pitch 27.5

    Specialized mens pitch 27.5 304577 1

    You've thought about it—probably even got out on the dirt or gravel a few times—and now's the time to pull the trigger on a fully-fledged mountain bike. Well, you're in the right place. The Pitch 27.5 features everything you need to start getting off the road and out on some trails. It features a light aluminum fram...

    MSRP: $450.00
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