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  • Dogtown Big Ripper 29

    Se bikes dogtown big ripper 29 343170 1

    In the late 70’s, BMX wasn’t the only groundbreaking sport that was taking America by storm. Alongside BMX kids on bikes imitating motorcycles, there was a wave of shaggy haired California kids on skateboards mimicking surfers. At the heart of the skate scene in Venice Beach, CA, Dogtown Skates was born. SE teamed u...

    MSRP: $699.00
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  • DJ Ripper 26

    Se bikes dj ripper 26 343167 15

    A PK Ripper like you’ve never seen before! The 26” DJ Ripper takes the design elements of the classic PK Ripper and wraps them into a 26” dirt jumper that will blow your mind. The frame features our legendary Floval tubing, Looptail rear end, and tapered integrated head tube. The frame is then matched up with Manito...

    MSRP: $949.00
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  • Floval Flyer XL 24 Frame

    Se bikes floval flyer xl 24 frame 343144 1

    The 24-inch Floval Flyer XL Frame is for the cruiser racer who wants a little extra room and stability. With a 22-inch top tube, this frame will give you all you need to get out of the gate fast and feel comfortable through the tightest of rhythm sections.

    MSRP: $329.00
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  • Blocks Flyer 26

    Se bikes blocks flyer 26 343138 1

    With a Big Honkin' Cruiser bar, all the SE accessories you can dream of, and a lightweight aluminum frame, the Blocks Flyer is set for getting your cruise on. Just don't forget the lock — everyone wants to get their hands on this one.

    MSRP: $549.00
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  • OM-Duro XL 27.5+

    Se bikes om duro xl 27.5 343154 1

    To celebrate the life and times of SE’s founder, Scot Breithaupt, and SE’s motto of “BMX Innovations,” SE created a bike like you’ve never seen before. The 27.5+ OM-Duro takes its design cues and aesthetics from the legendary OM Flyer and mixes in some radical mountain bike-style upgrades. This wildly unique bike fe...

    MSRP: $899.00
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  • PK Ripper Super Elite XL

    Se bikes pk ripper super elite xl 343156 1

    The PK Ripper has never been stiffer, stronger or faster. The PK Ripper Super Elite XL is the definition of “BMX innovations.” The ultra-stiff 6066 aluminum frame comes equipped with features such as a tapered head tube, PF30 bottom bracket and 20mm dropouts front and rear. There is no doubt that this bike will put ...

    MSRP: $799.00
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  • Beast Mode Ripper 27.5+

    Se bikes beast mode ripper 27.5 343140 1

    Marshawn Lynch’s 27.5+ Beast Mode Ripper makes its much-anticipated return this year. Long before Marshawn became an NFL Super Bowl Champion and a running back for the Oakland Raiders, he had a love for BMX. So SE got together with Marshawn to develop a bike that not only could withstand his abuse, but also captures...

    MSRP: $849.00
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  • Hoodrich

    Se bikes hoodrich 343147 1

    The Hoodrich can take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’. The frame features an integrated head tube, mid-bottom bracket and removable brake mounts. The stopping power is credited to the Odyssey Springfield brake kit. And the bike’s stability comes from the extra-wide 2.4-inch tires. This bike is equipped to take whateve...

    MSRP: $479.00
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  • PK Ripper Super Elite XXL Frame

    Se bikes pk ripper super elite frame 343155 1

    By far, the most advanced PK Ripper frame of all time. The PK Ripper Super Elite frame with a 21.7-inch top tube comes equipped with features such as a tapered headtube, PF30 bottom bracket, and 20mm dropouts. Match it up with high-end race parts of your choice and you will surely smoke the competition.

    MSRP: $349.00
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  • So Cal Flyer 24

    Se bikes so cal flyer 24 343163 1

    SE went berserk this year with a complete makeover of the So Cal Flyer! There are three stellar new color schemes, upgrades, and added parts galore. New this year are the Big Honkinish cruiser bars, super grippy Flyer seat, Vee Cub x SE tires, and new SE Bikes Life grips equipped with SE donuts. In addition, we’ve a...

    MSRP: $489.00
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