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  • Raid 16

    Redline raid 16 248664 11

    The 2017 Redline Raid 16 is a kid's bike. Safe and very stable, with padded saddle and grips, training wheels, coaster brake, and simple single gear, the Raid is laden with style, possibly inspiring a young rider to explore BMX when the opportunity presents itself. Tires are lightly-treaded pavement rubber from Kend...

    MSRP: $199.99
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  • Raid CB

    Redline raid coaster brake 248660 11

    The 2017 Redline Raid CB or FB is a BMX-styled kid's bike. Redline has been surprisingly successful at creating a bike for more relaxed riding, a substantial departure for the venerable racing bike maker. The Raid is still quite capable of putting down the hammer, it just knows how to chill after it gets to the park...

    MSRP: $229.99
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  • Rival

    Redline dsp rival 280623 1

    The 2017 Redline Rival is a BMX freestyle bike. Sized to fit riders between 4 and 5 feet, with a shorter top tube and proportionate angles, it's a well-balanced ride. Quite a performer for its modest price, the Rival trades a little weight for dollars, keeping reliability high and performance solid. Kit includes 165...

    MSRP: $229.99
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  • D26

    Redline d26 280616 1

    The 2017 Redline D26 is a dirt jump bike. No surprises in the layout: steeply sloping top tube, high BB, out-of-the-way saddle and fairly shallow angles make for a stable high flier. The frame is chromoly, light and resilient, paired here with the ace Manitou Circus fork to help stick the landing. Kit is in line wit...

    MSRP: $919.99
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  • Flight Alise Post

    Redline flight ap a1 frameset 280658 1

    The R7 frame with result proven geometry has been engineered for the rigors specific to high level BMX racing. Proprietary Redline formed R7 tubing, press-fit BB -86, Redline convertible dropouts and bell shaped seat tube make this the most technically advanced alloy frame on the market. - Female Specific Geometry -...

    MSRP: $369.99
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  • Flight Carbon Pro XXL

    Redline fset flt team pro xxl 280662 11

    The Redline Team Carbon frame is the most dominant frame on the market. Engineered for the highest levels of BMX racing and the one all other are trying to duplicate. Lightweight Redline Carbon Technology (RCT) frame material, press-fit BB86, Redline convertible dropouts and geometry that is proven to win.

    MSRP: $1,000.00
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  • Flight Pro XL Frameset

    Redline fset flight pro xl 280649 1

    When you're racing at the top of your class, Redline knows what you need to win. The Flight Pro XL is designed to smoke the competition through its R7 hydroformed aluminum frame, featuring varying tube shapes to provide the best stiffness-to-weight ratio, and convertible dropouts that let you run 3.8-inch or 15mm th...

    MSRP: $369.99
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  • Asset 24

    Redline asset 24 280619 11

    The 2017 Redline Asset 24 is a BMX freestyle bike, with aspirations for bigger things. The 24"-wheeled build is laid out with echoes of a dirt jumper, and has the wherewithal, so long as the rider remembers it's a somewhat less forgiving rigid fork. Wheels are light and tough, all alloy hoops clad in Kenda Kraniums,...

    MSRP: $449.99
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  • Asset

    Redline dsp asset 280620 11

    The 2017 Redline Asset is a mid-range BMX freestyle bike. Redline's own Monster group provides everything from saddle and hubs to the oversize-tubing fork, turning to specialists Tektro for a U-brake and Kenda for the ace Ticket treads, here provided with colored sidewalls to lend a little low-key dignity to the glo...

    MSRP: $379.99
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  • Raid FW

    Redline raid 248656 11

    Get your growing child outside enjoying the sunshine aboard Redline's Raid. The low-slung frame delivers great standover clearance for safety as well as easy on/off, and the components are sized for riders just moving up to a 20-inch wheeled bike. Its durable steel frame, fork, and bars pair with lightweight aluminu...

    MSRP: $229.99
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