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  • Downside

    Kink downside gold flake 01 2018

    Brand new for 2018, the Downside is an all new high-end model from Kink BMX. The general construction is nothing less than you would expect, with its 100% 4130 chromoly frame, fork, bars, and sealed bearings throughout. The big bars, short backend and sealed rear freecoaster hub mean the Downside is ready for some s...

    MSRP: $499.99
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  • Solace

    Kink solace marble 01 2018

    Tony Hamlin’s signature Solace bike is the best of the best, and represents the flagship in our complete bike line. If you’ve seen Tony ride, then you know he is amazingly talented on a bike. You also know he puts his bike through a beating! Well, the Solace complete bike can certainly handle a beating. The 100% 413...

    MSRP: $699.99
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  • Carve 16"

    Kink carve yellow 01 2018

    The Kink Carve 16” bike is the younger brother of our Kicker 18”, and it ensures every age and every height rider can find a perfect fitting Kink bike. Kids are getting into BMX younger and younger, and we love it. The 2018 Carve comes in a standout Gloss Olympic Yellow color, which is complimented by black componen...

    MSRP: $279.99
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  • Curb

    Kink curb maroon 01 2018

    The 2018 Curb, which is available in four great colorways, offers the entry-level rider a bike that looks and feels like a pro model without the price tag. Whether you choose Gloss Trans Maroon, Matte Silver Fox, Matte Retro Turquoise, or the classic Matte Guinness Black, you’re getting an amazing bike.

    MSRP: $279.99
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  • Launch

    Kink launch chrome 01 2018

    The 2018 Launch continues the legacy of a truly remarkable bike. This bike is still one of the best value priced models in the market, hands down. Available in Chrome, Gloss Trans Particle Black, and Matte Retro Green colorways, the Launch pairs it’s great color selection with even better components.

    MSRP: $309.99
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  • Gap

    Kink gap purple 01 2018

    The Gap is a versatile machine ready to handle anything you throw at it. Featuring modern geometry, the frame, fork and bars add 4130 chromoly into the mix, and is available in a deep Gloss Trans Purple colorway. Components found on the Gap take things up a notch, and are not to be missed.

    MSRP: $369.99
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  • Gap LHD

    Kink gap lhd black 01 2018

    The Gap LHD features the same great Gap specs, but moves the drivetrain over to the left side for right-side grinding clearance. Featuring modern geometry, the frame, fork and bars add some 4130 chromoly into the mix, and is available in a solid Gloss Trans Black colorway with chrome plated handlebars. Components fo...

    MSRP: $369.99
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  • Whip

    Kink whip rootbeer 01 2018

    The 2018 Whip is where our line really gets exciting. This beast is constructed using full 100% 4130 chromoly throughout the entire frame, fork and handlebar set. Complimenting this strong, durable structure are sealed bearings everywhere; headset, bottom bracket, and both front and rear hubs. Topping off all the gr...

    MSRP: $419.99
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  • Gap FC

    Kink gap fc black 01 2018

    All new for 2018, the Gap FC features the same great Gap specs, but adds a freecoaster rear hub for making backwards tricks a breeze. Featuring modern geometry, the frame, fork and bars add some 4130 chromoly into the mix, and is available in a classic Gloss Guinness Black colorway. Components found on the Gap FC ta...

    MSRP: $389.99
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  • Liberty

    Kink liberty blue 01 2018

    The Kink Liberty stays true to its name and gives the rider ultimate freedom; no brakes and plastic pegs. For those who do wish to ride brakes though, the Liberty is fully equipped with removable brake mounts and includes a full Mission brake set. The 2018 Liberty doesn’t disappoint in its design or components eithe...

    MSRP: $449.99
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