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  • N Series

    Infinity seat n 01 black 2017

    The 2017 Infinity Seat N Series is a mid-range road saddle. Lightweight and low profile, the N brings new meaning to minimalist: its shell is an open frame, providing the necessary support structure and absolutely no more. This saddle is the simplest model available from Infinity, weighing in at 210 grams, yet durab...

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  • L2 Series

    Infinity seat l2 01 black 2017

    The 2017 Infinity Seat L2 Series is a top-end road saddle. Taking Infinity's high-comfort design and wrapping it in high-grade leather, it's both comfortable and classy, offered in a range of colors to match any bike. The L2 is a Spartan frame, providing support only beneath soft tissue, essentially eliminating numb...

    MSRP: $290.00
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  • L Series

    Infinity seat l 01 white 2017

    The 2017 Infinity Seat L Series is a high-end road saddle with a radical design. The shell is extensively open, leaving support exclusively beneath soft tissue, relieving pressure like no other. The L takes Infinity's original saddle and poshes it up, adding a leather surface and obscuring the cutout, possibly lendi...

    MSRP: $240.00
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