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  • Chain Gobbler 2

    Terratrike chain gobbler 2 300408 1

    Why sacrifice comfort and performance when a TerraTrike is shared amongst multiple riders? Use the Chain Gobbler 2 to adjust your trike's boom length to the perfect fit within seconds and without tools. This kit includes brackets, chain idlers, quick release levers and all other hardware needed. - Easily takes up or...

    MSRP: $79.95
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  • 26-inch Rear Wheel Kit

    Terratrike 26 inch rear wheel kit single wall silver road cruiser tire 296439 1 11 1

    One of TerraTrike's most popular trike upgrades, adding a 26-inch rear wheel to your trike gives you plenty of advantages, and looks pretty cool too! The larger wheel allows for greater maximum speeds (by increasing the gear inches). It also makes for a smoother ride, eliminating some of the road noise felt on rough...

    MSRP: $149.95
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  • 20-inch E.V.O. Wheel Kit (Falco)

    Terratrike 20 inch e.v.o. wheel kit falco 296440 1 13 3

    The Falco Rambler E.V.O. Wheel Kit brings electric assist to the masses with a powerful rear hub drive motor kit. - Electric Vehicle Option (E.V.O.) wheel kit for trikes with vertical dropouts - 20-inch wheel, 8, 9, 10 Shimano compatible freehub body - 750 Watt Falco Hub Motor / 36v Lithium-ion Battery - Includes: r...

    MSRP: $1,799.00
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  • Extended Width Seat Wedge Cushion

    Terratrike extended width seat wedge cushion 296443 1 11 1

    The TerraTrike Seat Wedge Cushion may seem simple, but packs a big punch in the comfort category by creating a more bucketed feel to the lower seat. This is great for those that are in a very upright position, reducing any forward shift. It can also be used in the top of the seat for those hard-pedaling reclined rid...

    MSRP: $24.95
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  • 24-inch Wheelset

    Terratrike 24 inch wheelset double wall black 296444 1 11 1

    The TerraTrike 24-inch wheels are OEM replacement parts or an upgrade your Rambler 20-inch wheels for more height and easier rolling. - TerraTrike branded 24-inch wheelset (set of 3) - Strong and durable TerraTrike double-wall rim - Black hub shell, black rim with black spokes - Sealed bearing disc hub with high qua...

    MSRP: $299.95
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  • Rambler E.V.O - Bosch

    Terratrike rambler e.v.o 357494 1

    Electric Assist EVO(lved)! TerraTrike's latest Electric Vehicle Option, the Bosch Rambler E.V.O., is powered by the award winning Bosch Active Line Plus mid-drive motor and the PowerPack 400Wh battery. With a whisper quiet motor and a deceptive amount of power on tap, this system is wickedly fun. Go from the all-day...

    MSRP: $4,499.00
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  • Velcro Parking Brake Strap

    Terratrike velcro parking brake strap 296438 1 11 1

    This Velcro strap helps secure the brake lever and keeps your trike from rolling away or from rocking while on an indoor trainer (not needed if your trike came with locking brake levers).

    MSRP: $1.95
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  • Head Rest Pad

    Terratrike head rest pad 300402 1

    - Fits TerraTrike Head Rest - Easy to install with draw-string for holding securely in place - Black thermo-formed pad is washable and replaceable - OEM replacement for the TerraTrike Head Rest.

    MSRP: $19.95
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  • Bumper Sticker

    Terratrike chainring 34t 104 bcd copy 353170 1

    Show your passion for "everything trike" by emblazoning your favorite pastime on all of your vehicles, toolboxes, mirrors, computer screens, etc. Um, just kidding about the computer screens...that's just not a good idea. We just want to make sure you are reading this.

    MSRP: $2.00
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  • Reflective Triangle

    Terratrike chainring 34t 104 bcd copy 353169 1

    Be seen and stay safe while riding! This large reflective triangle has Velcro mounting straps. - Attaches to seat or rear rack with Velcro straps - Adds visibility to your trike

    MSRP: $9.95
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