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Brand WTB
Size26x2.1(47 559)


FeaturesDNA RUBBER COMPOUND Our proprietary 60a durometer rubber compound offers the ideal mix of rolling efficiency and traction for XC and trail riding applications. DNA rubber is renowned for being versatile and long lasting. BEAD Folding beads are lighter than conventional steel beads and easier to install. Steel beads are more economical and better suited for aggressive, trail riding applications. TIRE PRESSURE WTB recommends that tire pressure be checked before each ride. The acceptable pressure range for mountain bike tires is 35- to 65-psi (2.4- to 4.5-bar). Road tires must be infated to 100- to 130-psi (7- to 9-bar). TCS tires must be inflated between 30 and 50 psi (2- to 3.5-bar). City/Trekking/Hybrid tires must be in# ated between 50- and 80-psi (3.5- to 5.5-bar). Tire pressure outside of these guidelines can result in a loss of control or, at the very least, poor performance. TPI stands for threads per inch. This number refers to the thread count in a tire’s casing. A lower TPI indicates that thicker threads are woven into the casing, therefore making it more durable; a higher TPI indicates that thinner threads are used, therefore making the casing lighter and more pliable. WTB’s 60 TPI, race-level tires offer supple, shock absorption qualities while remaining resistant to cuts and tears. The Super Duty casing found on Team DH tires, by contrast, feature dual plies of tough 30 TPI casing.
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