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Sigma ROX 9.1


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Brand Sigma
ModelROX 9.1


AccessoriesSTS Bike 2 Complete Kit, STS Speed Transmitter Complete Kit for 2nd Bike, Docking Station ROX, Tool-Free Power Magnet 2009, Cadence Power Magnet, STS Cadence Transmitter, STS Bracket for Bike Computers CR 2450, STS Chest belt, Elastic strap, R1 Transmitter inc. Comfortex+, R1 Transmitter, Elastic Strap Comfortex+, Lithium Battery CR 2450 for Bike Computers, Lithium Batteries CR 2032 for chest belt and transmitter
BatteryLithium Battery CR 2450 for Bike Computers - Lithium Batteries CR 2032 for chest belt and transmitter
FeaturesGeneral Functions 5 available languages Two adjustable wheel sizes Automatic recognition of second bike Automatic start /stop LCD back-light Battery status display receiver/transmitter Ability to switch alarm on /off Adjustable alarm volume Watertight Bracket for handlebars and stem Memory backup function when changing a battery (overall and set values) USB compatible 1 year battery life* Bike Functions Current speed Average speed Maximum speed Trip distance Comparison current speed /average speed GHOST RACE Programmable trip section counter up & back Cadence Functions Current cadence Average cadence Maximum cadence Power functions Current power Average power Maximum power Expansion functions Current expansion Average expansion Average expansion uphill Heart Rate Functions Current heart rate Average heart rate Maximum heart rate 3 HR zones Acoustic zone alarm Heart rate in % of max HR Graphic display of HR zones Calories Time in the HR zone(s) in minutes Time Functions Ride time Date Time (12/24 h) Stopwatch Countdown timer Alarm clock Temperature Functions Current temperature Minimum temperature Maximum temperature Altitude Measurement Functions Current altitude Day's climb uphill/downhill Day’s maximum altitude Calibration via current altitude Calibration via home altitude Calibration via air pressure reduced to sea level Trip distance uphill/downhill Trip time uphill/downhill Average speed uphill/downhill Rate of ascent (m/min) uphill/downhill Maximum rate of ascent uphill/downhill Ø-incline uphill/downhill Maximum incline uphill/downhill Favorites Functions Favorites A (choice of 10 functions) Favorites B (choice of 10 functions) Total Values Total distance bike 1 /2 /1+2 Total ride time bike 1 /2 /1+2 Total altitude uphill bike 1 /2 /1+2 Maximum altitude bike 1 /2 Total distance uphill bike 1 /2 /1+2 Total ride time uphill bike 1 /2 /1+2 Total altitude downhill bike 1 /2 /1+2 Total distance downhill bike 1 /2 /1+2 Total ride time downhill bike 1 /2 /1+2 Total calories bike 1/2/1+2 PC Interface/Memory Functions PC interface Transfer by USB Docking station Transferring the settings to the bike computer 7 trip memory Separate LOG book Approx. 90 hours memory capacity Adjustable save interval (5 s., 10 s., 20 s., 30 s.) Remaining time calculation for selected save interval Way-points Software DATA CENTER Individual memory evaluation Comparison of 2 individual memories Summary of total values Battery status display Synchronization manager Setting computer via PC Statistical evaluation Calendar function Graphic analysis of trip distance (LOG) Graphic display of the speed, altitude, cadence, performance, heart rate, incline, rate of ascent Comparison of 2 LOGs Analysis of HR zones distribution Sub-zone analysis (LOG) Display memory capacity Print all evaluations Note function * With high quality batteries and 1 hour use per day or 7300 km a year at 20 km/h average speed (batteries available from SIGMA SPORT®)
FunctionsGHOST RACE GHOST RACE is a race against yourself created from a route that you have previously ridden. To create a GHOST RACE, a LOG must be available that is recorded using ROX 9.0 or ROX 9.1. Power in watts Average-Power: Average value calculated for the entire trip Max-Power: Maximum value reached during the trip Expansion values The “Expansion” value indicates the number of meters covered with a single crank revolution. Favorites A + B Programmable via PC or on device itself Select 10 of the available 46 functions For example, Favorites A = Mountain bike Favorites B = Road bike LOG-Books/LOG's 5, 10, 20, or 30 second recording interval. Storage capacity up to 90 h, depending on selected interval Set way-points to mark particular places during the ride Press the LOG button (top button) to start/stop LOG recording and to set way-points
Recommended forRoad, Touring, General Purpose, Commuting, MTB
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