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Sigma PC 15.11


Product Category
Brand Sigma
ModelPC 15.11
ColorGrey, Blue, Green, Yellow


BatteryCR 2032 Suitable for all heart rate monitors from 2003 and chest belts
FeaturesECG-accurate Current, average and maximum heart rate Lap counter (50 laps) Easy Lap-view Automatic training zone feature for calculating individual training zones Zone bar showing the current heart rate as a percentage of the Hr-max Training time and percentage of time within the designated training zone Calorie counter Training mode with 1 programmable zone Audible and visual zone alarm Backlight Battery status display Battery compartment Full text display with 5 available languages Watertight
FunctionsDetails Easy Lap-view Quickly and easily view the lap times, even while training Training time/Training zone Percentage of time spent within the zone Zone bar Graphical display of the selected zone with % display of the Hr-max Calorie counter Calories burned displayed during training
Recommended forRunning, Cycling, Swimming, Multisport events
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