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Sigma BC 1609 STS


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Brand Sigma
ModelBC 1609 STS


AccessoriesDocking Station, Battery CR2032, Tool Free Power Magnet, Cadence Power Magnet, STS Speed Transmitter "BIke 2" Complete Set, STS Cadence Sensor Accessory Set Complete, STS "Bike 2" Complee set ( Wheel and Cedence Sensors), STS Speed Transmitter Single, STS Bracket 2032, STS Cadence Transmitter Single
BatteryCR 2032
FeaturesGeneral Functions Languages setting, 7 languages 2 wheel sizes adjustable Automatic recognition of second bike Automatic start /stop Back-light Battery status display receiver/transmitter Backup function (storage chip) Current temperature Bike Functions Actual speed Average speed Maximum speed Trip distance Comparison of current and average speed Programmable trip section counter forth/back Actual-cadence (optional) Total distance bike 1/bike 2/bike 1+2 (Not shown while riding) Time Functions Riding time Clock Stopwatch Countdown timer Total ride time bike 1/bike 2/bike 1+2 (Not shown while riding)
FunctionsComplete set - The model is also available as the wireless version BC 1609 STS or as a complete set with wireless cadence transmitter BC 1609 STS CAD Cadence measurement - Shows the current and average cadence (wired and wireless (Fig.) possible). Includes cable ties BACK-LIGHT - Optimal readability even after nightfall
Recommended forRoad, Touring, General Purpose, Commuting, MTB
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