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Shimano Shimano XTR Trail (Groupset)


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Brand Shimano
ModelShimano XTR Trail (Groupset)
ColorSilver, Black


Bottom bracketSM-BB90
Brake leversBL-M988
Brake rotorSM-RT98
CassetteCS-M980 (Various ratio options)
CranksetFC-M980 (Various lengths and chainring ratios options)
FeaturesTrail Brake Systems Riding comfortably at speed requires an unconscious, intuitive confidence in your machine. It requires knowing that whatever conditions you come across your brakes will be ready and able to deliver reliable control in any situation. Say hello to XTR Trail brakes, and say goodbye to compromise. The integration of Servo-Wave brake-boosting technology into an XTR-level brake generates gobs of lightweight stopping power (125 percent of the previous XTR benchmark, to be exact) that can be precisely rolled on and off with single-finger effort—leaving a better grip on the bar for charging through the gnar. With industry-first full ceramic caliper pistons, radiator-fin-backed brake pads to shed performance-sapping heat, and innovative IceTech aluminum-core rotors to even further keep heat buildup at bay, these all-new brakes maintain cool, quiet performance under fire. As the most powerful and most controllable XTR-level brake of all time, XTR Trail absolutely assassinates wide-open descents with uncanny consistency, delivering more confidence than ever before. Brake Levers The new XTR Trail lever delivers big power. As the first XTR lever equipped with Servo-Wave, riders can precisely control 25 percent more power with highly-adjustable and responsive one-finger braking. Calipers Whether coupled with the XTR Race or the XTR Trail lever, the new forged one-piece M985 caliper delivers a balance of light weight and power that resists performance-sapping heat better than ever before thanks to an industry-first full-ceramic piston and optional Ice Technology radiator brake pads. Rotors These innovative Ice Tech brake rotors feature an aluminum core clad with stainless steel braking surfaces. The innovative design sheds weight, dissipate heat and dramatically improves overall performance. Trail Drive Train Systems The veritable heart of the new XTR Trail drivetrain is a trail-tuned triple-ring crank crowned with a carbon/titanium composite 32-tooth Primary Driving Gear—the go-to, most-used gear for the widest range of terrain, and the gear your suspension bike was designed around. Dyna-Sys combines features like quick-shifting CloseStep front gear ratios (think: bigger granny, smaller big ring), a wide-range 11- to 36-tooth 10-speed cassette and re-engineered shifters and derailleurs that are less susceptible to trail chatter or contamination. Together, Shimano Systems Engineering unlocks performance and versatility never before seen in a triple, and it's all tied together with the industry's first mountain-bike-specific 10-speed chain. Riders who would otherwise have to pull the ripcord and battle technical climbs from the trenches of their granny gear range can now push farther up the trail in their middle ring thanks to the increased range of a 36-tooth low-end rear gear. The granny gear is still there, you'll just need it less, and the 42-tooth big ring is more useable and easier to get into than ever before, so you'll use it more. Simply put, XTR Trail is the most efficient mountain bike drivetrain singletrack has ever seen. Cranks The XTR Trail triple-ring crank delivers all-day efficiencyfor the widest range of terrain thanks to CloseStep gear ratios, Dual Spike chainring technology and legendary XTR stiffness. The XTR Race M980 double is a great choice for expert racers and trail riders alike, featuring useable gearing, a standard Q-factor and Shimano's most efficient chain line configuration. Shifters Introducing the i-spec shift lever, which shaves weight and unifies the shifter and brake band clamps for clean, uncluttered cockpit setup. Horizontal micro-adjustment allows for customizable setup. Front Derailleurs A key element in Shimano's legendary front shifting performance, the latest XTR front derailleur continues to lead the way with flexible mounting options and easy access fasteners. Rear Derailleurs The new 10-speed XTR rear derailleur sees a re-engineered architecture that provides a smooth, linear feel at the shifter and is remarkably stable despite suspension movement, trail chatter or inevitable cable contamination. Cassette This 10-speed Dyna-Sys cassette combines stiffness with consistently smooth shifting performance and durability in an innovative lightweight package. Chain This 10-speed chain is an industry-first mountain-bike-specific chain, specifically optimized for 10-speed Dyna-Sys drive trains with mud-shedding, task-specific link plates. Trail Pedal System Building on the long legacy of Shimano Pedaling Dynamics (SPD) technology, the new XTR Trail pedal is engineered for the specific needs of aggressive trail riders everywhere, with an open, mud-shedding design and large pedaling platform for ultimate control. Together with the saddle and the handlebar, pedals make up the holy trinity of contact points between man and machine. Drop the saddle or get behind it in a technical descent and those contact points are reduced to just two—hands and feet—with pedals accounting for the bulk of riders' balance and bike control. With a wider, more stable stance backed up by widely braced bearings and nearly 10 times the effective contact area between the pedal platform and riders' shoes, XTR Trail pedals deliver unparalleled control when clipped in, and a reliable, extra-wide-area platform for those inevitable “in-between” moments that come with unpredictable trails. Combine the large pedal/shoe contact area with a lower platform height—effectively moving the riders' foot closer to the center of the axle—and the power transfer and efficiency capabilities of XTR Trail is all-time, ready for any trail. Pedal A true XTR trail pedal inspired to tackle single track and technical descents with control and confidence thanks to an oversize contact surface, 10 times greater than the current model Trail Wheel Systems Finally, an XTR-level wheelset that combines Shimano's legendary hub design with thru-axle stiffness and a lightweight, wide-cross-section 21-millimeter-wide rim to open up your tires' contact patch and help devour rough terrain. Finally, an XTR wheel built for the way you ride. With the bulk of this sub-1,700-gram wheelset's weight biased toward its long-lasting, high-performance cup-and-cone bearing hubs, the critical rotational mass at the perimeter—in this case, a 400-gram scandium rim—is free to spin quickly up to speed without sacrificing strength. More than just another flashy wheel design, XTR Trail marries the traditional aspect of a hand-built wheel laced with Swedish steel spokes to the cutting-edge technology of a dent-resistant scandium UST rim precision-welded with T-Nut anchors. It all adds up to uncompromising stiffness and durability for the long haul, backed by an exclusive three-year warranty. Throw in a dedicated 15-millimeter front axle and an optional, new-guard 142-by-12 rear axle option, and XTR Trail wheels deliver the confidence to throw your bike into a corner and power out of it with reckless abandon. Wheels FRONT XTR Trail wheels corner like a lightweight locomotive, thanks to a 21-millimeter-wide scandium rim and a solid and reliable 15mm thru axle hub engineered specifically for today's best trail forks. REAR STD QUICK RELEASE Combining a high-performance titanium freehub body, long-lasting and smooth-rolling angular contact bearings and a wide cross-section scandium rim, this wheel has the performance and durability mountain bikers demand REAR 142 X 12 THRU AXLE This optional 142 x 12 thru-axle rear hub takes XTR where it's never been before, delivering uncompromising performance for all-out, on-the-edge aggressive trail riding.
Front derailleurFD-M980 (Various Mounting Options)
Hub frontHB-M988
Hub rearFH-M985 (STD QR) FH-M988 (142 x 12mm)
Rear derailleurRD-M980
Rims typeShimano XTR Trail 26 x 21mm Wide
ShiftersSL-M980 (i-spec or Band mount)
SkewersShimano XTR
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