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Shimano Shimano XTR Race (Groupset)


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Brand Shimano
ModelShimano XTR Race (Groupset)
ColorSilver, Black


Bottom bracketSM-BB90
Brake leversBL-M985
Brake rotorSM-RT98
CassetteCS-M980 (Various ratio options)
CranksetFC-M985 (Various lengths and chainring ratios options)
FeaturesRace Brake Systems Underpowered brakes lead to defensive riding technique and, ultimately, to slower lap times. Enter the new XTR Race brake, which encourages racers to attack technical downhill sections with confidence, leaving the competition squealing and squawking in the dust. How? First off, they produce 110 percent of the power of their predecessors while shedding precious grams at the same time, so they’re as viable a race-bike pick as ever. Throw in ergonomically re-engineered lever pivots and XTR Race lays on that power with single-finger effort. But power is pointless if it can't be maintained. Heat buildup is the enemy of any brake system, and IceTech features including aluminum-core rotors, stock aluminum-backed brake pads and the industry's first full ceramic caliper piston all help dump heat and maintain consistent power. For Super-D courses or for heavier riders, brakes can be easily upgraded with Radiator pads (standard on XTR Trail). The key factor for racers is confidence—the confidence to win, and the confidence to lay off the brakes, knowing they'll be there when they're needed, every time. Brake Levers With ten percent more power than the previous XTR brake, the sleek new XTR Race lever has been ergonomically redesigned for a versatile fit on the handlebars, superior feel at the fingertips and unsurpassed function on the race course. Calipers Whether coupled with the XTR Race or the XTR Trail lever, the new forged one-piece M985 caliper delivers a balance of light weight and power that resists performance-sapping heat better than ever before thanks to an industry-first full-ceramic piston and optional Ice Technology radiator brake pads. Rotors These innovative Ice Tech brake rotors feature an aluminum core clad with stainless steel braking surfaces. The innovative design sheds weight, dissipate heat and dramatically improves overall performance. Race Drive Train Systems This new thoroughbred kit is starts with Shimano's first-ever off-road two-ring race crank, which comes in carefully calculated CloseStep gear combinations to match riders' individual style, terrain, and horsepower. With 38-, 40- and 42-tooth Primary Driving Gear choices—not to mention an optional, Herculean 44-tooth ring intended for pros only—the only factor limiting how fast you can go is how much power you can produce. And despite weighing in under 700 grams, this purpose-built race crank maintains all the pipe billet steel-axle strength and cold-forged Duraluminum durability that XTR cranks are famous for. Shimano has also parlayed its already best-in-class front shifting into the two-ring crank game with a new short-cage, double-ring-specific front derailleur that seamlessly shifts an off-road-specific 10-speed XTR chain. Complementing those race-day shifts up front, the new Dyna-Sys 10-speed rear derailleur/shifter combination provides smooth, consistent actuation and remarkable stability through rutted washboard racecourses. It all adds up to mindlessly fast shifting, and gives racers fewer excuses for losing and even more ways to win. It’s not for everyone, but for those up to the challenge, XTR Race delivers like never before. Description The XTR Race M985 double-ring crank complements race-day performance with a narrow Q-factor, unparalleled power transfer and CloseStep chainring options to suit racers’ speed and style. Shifters Introducing the i-spec shift lever, which shaves weight and unifies the shifter and brake band clamps for clean, uncluttered cockpit setup. Horizontal micro-adjustment allows for customizable setup. Front Derailleurs A key element in Shimano's legendary front shifting performance, the latest XTR front derailleur continues to lead the way with flexible mounting options and easy access fasteners. Rear Derailleurs The new 10-speed XTR rear derailleur sees a re-engineered architecture that provides a smooth, linear feel at the shifter and is remarkably stable despite suspension movement, trail chatter or inevitable cable contamination. Cassette This 10-speed Dyna-Sys cassette combines stiffness with consistently smooth shifting performance and durability in an innovative lightweight package. Chain This 10-speed chain is an industry-first mountain-bike-specific chain, specifically optimized for 10-speed Dyna-Sys drive trains with mud-shedding, task-specific link plates. Race Pedal System Race day is all about maximum output and maximum efficiency—putting everything you've trained for into the race, and leaving it all out on the racecourse. The new XTR Race pedals connect riders to their bike like never before, maximizing the renowned strength and stiffness of XTR cranks with complementary XTR Race pedals, which use wider bearing placement for ultimate rigidity under load. These new pedals boast four times the shoe/pedal contact area as the previous generation XTR pedal, helping channel every ounce of effort to the rear wheel. This refined design retains all the time-tested and race-proven functionality SPD is famous for, and adds a slimmer axle profile to reduces weight and increase mud shedding capability. This new pedal also provides a lower and more biomechanically correct platform height, which more efficiently transfers power into the drivetrain while picking up precious millimeters of ground clearance at the same time. Simply put: XTR Race SPD is the most efficient and controllable race-day pedal Shimano has ever produced. Pedals The racers choice for generations, the original SPD pedal design has been highly evolved into its lightest and most efficient form. PD-M980 reduces pedal height while increasing pedal to shoe contact. Race Wheel Systems Balance and Innovation have long been staples of Shimano's wheel program, and now that trail riders have a dedicated wheelset of their own, the new XTR Race wheels have been rebalanced and refocused specifically to meet the exacting demands of top-level cross-country racers. Leaner and meaner than ever, these disc-brake-only wheels come with true UST-compatibility in a 19-millimeter-wide, dent-resistant scandium hoop. At just 350 grams per rim, acceleration comes instantly. And for as light as these wheels feel underfoot, thanks to a straight-pull lacing design that uses 24 butted 15-gauge spokes per wheel, they don't flinch under hard, aggressive cornering. Available with a 15-millimeter or standard quick-release front axle, XTR Race wheels use a fast-engaging titanium freehub body and Shimano's proven cup-and-cone bearings for years of race-day performance. Forget about all those “one-race” wheels with their dubious claims of gossamer weight and performance, because this hand-built, sub-1,500-gram wheelset draws on decades of podium-winning experience and is as focused and committed to performing on race day—or on any day—as you are. Wheels FRONT 15mm Thru Axle This XTR Race wheel is ready to lead the way on any XC course, with a super-light tubeless 19-millimeter-wide scandium rim backed by a hard-charging 15-millimeter thru axle hub. FRONT STD Quick Release This XTR Race wheel is ready to lead the way on any XC course, with a super-light tubeless 19-millimeter-wide scandium rim and an oversize aluminum axle. REAR Combine a high-performance titanium freehub body, long-lasting, smooth-rolling and fully serviceable angular contact bearings with a true UST scandium rim, and this wheel is ready for any course, any day
Front derailleurFD-M985 (Various Mounting Options)
Hub frontHB-M985 (Std QR or 15mm Thru Axle)
Hub rearFH-M985
Rear derailleurRD-M980
Recommended forCross Country Racing / Light Trail
Rims typeShimano XTR Race 26 x 19mm Wide
ShiftersSL-M980 (i-spec or Band mount)
SkewersShimano XTR
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