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Shimano Shimano Ultegra (Groupset)


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Brand Shimano
ModelShimano Ultegra (Groupset)
ColorSilver, Black


BrakesUltegra BR-6700
CassetteUltegra CS-6700
ChainUltegra CN-6700
CranksetUltegra FC-6700      
FeaturesShifters - STI Dual Control ST-6700 ST-6703 The new lever shape and ergonomics are a prominent feature of the new Ultegra 6700 Dual Control shift levers. Angled outward, the levers give the rider a head start on the arc of the shift with optimized hand placement, increasing comfort and efficiency. Ergonomics are further enhanced by a re-profiled perch that reduces overall reach and girth. Brakes BR-6700 Spindly brake calipers can’t effectively stop a speeding bike. The new Ultegra 6700 brakes not only have a rigid caliper to slow the wheel, but also a cam in the levers that provides mechanical advantage and modulation. With new pad compounds, the braking power is 20% better in the dry and has actually doubled in wet conditions. By conserving energy expended in stopping and modulating, riders can simply go faster, and longer. Cranksets FC-6700 FC-6703 FC-6750 The Shimano Hollowtech II technology continues as a bench mark in the crank and bottom bracket strength to weight category. The bearings are as far apart as possible, eliminating axle flex. Efficiency is also maximized because the bearings primarily carry radial loads resulting in lower overall friction and drag. The wider stance benefits bicycle manufacturers allowing extra real estate to fortify the bottom bracket area of the frame to keep flex to a minimum. Rear Derailleurs RD-6700-SS RD-6700-GS New Ultegra’s striking wide-link design main body creates rigid pivots that create a foundation for precise shifts. Additionally, the new body and cage design accommodates a 28 tooth large cog so the mountain stages can be attacked with confidence. The pulley cage design allows for the use of a short cage, even with a large 33T total capacity. Front Derailleurs FD-6700 FD-6703 The wide inner link with two anchored pivot points resists flex and moves the chain with authority. Combined with the new HollowGlide chainring, instant shifts under load require no more attention than any other shift. Chain CN-6700 Shifting precision and smoothness has been significantly improved through the use of different inner and outer plate chamfers and dimensions to accommodate the different shifting requirements of moving the chain inward and outward on the drivetrain. Cassette Sprockets CS-6700 A more rigid aluminum carrier keeps the cogs in check when making shifts under load and each shift is lightning quick thanks to revised tooth profiles. The available ratios provide combinations that work particularly well when combined with compact gearing. COMBINATIONS ++11-12-13-14-15-16-17-19-21-23 T ++12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-21-23 T ++11-12-13-14-15-17-19-21-23-25 T ++11-12-13-14-15-17-19-21-24-28 T ++weight: 209 g (11-23) Pedals PD-6700 PD-6700-C To complete the system, opt for Ultegra SPD-SL pedals. These are available with extra-wide platforms for better power transfer. The bearings used are maintenance-free and their wear-resistant top surface makes them exceptionally durable. Their aluminium spindles make them incredibly lightweight too. Two versions are available - aluminium and carbon. Ultegra Wheel Sets WH-6700 WH-6600-G ULTEGRA Wheel Set features lightweight 10-Speed compatible alloy axles and freehub body with 16x20 straight pull stainless steel spokes. FLATBAR CONTROLS 10-Speed Controls SL-R770 BL-R770 10-Speed flat handlebar components are designed for use with Dura-Ace (7800), Ultegra (6600) and Shimano 105 (5600) series components. The specially designed BL-R770 brake levers are a perfect match for Shimano road brake calipers, while the SL-R770 offers Shimano's Rapidfire Plus shifting for high-class sport/fitness bikes. 10-Speed Front Derailleurs FD-R770 FD-R773 These unique 10-Speed front derailleurs are designed to run between the SL-R770 Rapidfire shift levers and Shimano 10-Speed road cranksets. Choose model FD-R770 for double or FD-R773 for triple chainring systems.
Front derailleurUltegra FD-6700
Hub frontUltegra HB-6700
Hub rearUltegra FH-6700
PedalsUltegra PD-6700
Rear derailleurUltegra RD-6700-SS
Recommended forRoad racing, Club racing
ShiftersUltegra ST-6700
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