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Shimano Shimano Trail 26x12c UST 142x12mm Rear Wheel WH-M988-R12 (XTR)


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Brand Shimano
ModelShimano Trail 26x12c UST 142x12mm Rear Wheel WH-M988-R12 (XTR)


FeaturesFinally, an XTR-level wheelset that combines Shimano's legendary hub design with thru-axle stiffness and a lightweight, wide-cross-section 21-millimeter-wide rim to open up your tires' contact patch and help devour rough terrain. Finally, an XTR wheel built for the way you ride. With the bulk of this sub-1,700-gram wheelset's weight biased toward its long-lasting, high-performance cup-and-cone bearing hubs, the critical rotational mass at the perimeter—in this case, a 400-gram scandium rim—is free to spin quickly up to speed without sacrificing strength. More than just another flashy wheel design, XTR Trail marries the traditional aspect of a hand-built wheel laced with Swedish steel spokes to the cutting-edge technology of a dent-resistant scandium UST rim precision-welded with T-Nut anchors. It all adds up to uncompromising stiffness and durability for the long haul, backed by an exclusive three-year warranty. Throw in a dedicated 15-millimeter front axle and an optional, new-guard 142-by-12 rear axle option, and XTR Trail wheels deliver the confidence to throw your bike into a corner and power out of it with reckless abandon.
Recommended forMTB Trail / All Mountain
Size559 x 21C (26")
Wheel weight pair973g
Wheels hub rearXTR Titanium Freehub 142x12mm 8/9/10-speed compatible
Wheels rimUST Scandium Alloy
Wheels spokes24 Shimano Stainless steel
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