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Shimano Shimano Tiagra (Groupset)


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Brand Shimano
ModelShimano Tiagra (Groupset)


Brake leversBL-R550
FeaturesBrakes BR-4500 TIAGRA Dual-Pivot Brake Calipers Cassette Sprockets CS-HG50-9R TIAGRA 9-Speed HyperGlide Cassette Sprockets CS-4600 TIAGRA 10-Speed HyperGlide Cassette Sprockets Chains CN-HG53 Super Narrow CN-HG53 for 9-Speed CN-4601 Super Narrow HG Chain (10-speed, Double) CN-5600 Super Narrow HG Chain (10-speed, Triple) Cranksets FC-4500 FC-4503 FC-4550-S SM-FC4500 TIAGRA 2-Piece Front Cranksets are offered in Double, Triple and Compact versions. Front Derailleurs FD-4500-F FD-4500-B FD-4503-F FD-4503-B TIAGRA Front Derailleurs are offered to suit double or triple cranks with clamp-on and braze-on versions. Rear Derailleurs RD-4500-SS RD-4500-GS TIAGRA features Wide Link design Rear Derailleurs for precise and reliable shifting. Dual Control Levers ST-4600 ST-4603 SL-4600 SL-4603 TIAGRA Dual Control Levers feature a reach adjustable ergnomic design and integrated Optical Gear Display. RAPIDFIRE Plus Shift Lever (Double) RAPIDFIRE Plus Shift Lever (Triple) Front Hubs & Rear Freehubs HB-4500 FH-4500 TIAGRA Front Hubs & Rear Freehubs feature internal grease sleeves for increased durability and service life. FLAT BAR ROAD CONTROLS 9-Speed Controls Flat Bar Road SL-R440-9 BL-R550 9-Speed flat handlebar components are designed for use with Tiagra (4400 & 4500) and Sora (3400) series components. The specially designed BL-R550 brake levers are a perfect match for Shimano road brake calipers, while the SL-R440-9 offers Shimano's Rapidfire Plus shifting for high-class sport/fitness bikes.
Front derailleurFD-4600
Hub frontHB-4600
Hub rearFH-4600
Rear derailleurRD-4600
Recommended forClub Racing / Recreation
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