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Shimano Shimano Carbon/Alloy 24mm Tubeless Wheelset WH-7900-C24-TL (Dura-Ace)


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Brand Shimano
ModelShimano Carbon/Alloy 24mm Tubeless Wheelset WH-7900-C24-TL (Dura-Ace)


FeaturesProprietary In -house Carbon rim construction -Ultra-light Carbon laminated rim Road tubelss system Easy bearing adjust system Increased axial Rigidity with over size A7075 Alloy axle Double butted blade Alloy axle for ligther weight and aerodynamics
Recommended forRoad Racing
Size700 x 15c
Wheel weight pairFront 646g - Rear 818g
Wheels hub frontDura-Ace 7900
Wheels hub rearDura-Ace 7900 with titanium freehub body w/quick engagement
Wheels rimTubeless - Carbon/Alloy composite - 24mm profile
Wheels spokesFront - 16 / Rear - 20 Bladed
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