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Park Tool Bottom Bracket Tool Set for BB30 and PF30 # BBT-30.3

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The BBT-30.3 includes a bearing remover, which slides through the bottom bracket shell and into the bearing so it can be tapped out with a hammer. The set also includes two installation bushings #668 designed for the BB30 and PF30 bearings from SRAM and FSA. The bushings are used in conjunction with an HHP-2 or HHP-3 Bearing Cup Press to press the bearings into the frame.

The updated BBT-30.3 has a three-stepped guide for the PF30, BB30, and bearing inside diameters. The head features a reduced "neck" for easy engagment into the PF30 bearings.

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Name:Bottom Bracket Tool Set for BB30 and PF30 # BBT-30.3
Brand: Park Tool
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