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Jamis EARTH CRUISER 1 (2012)

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Taking all the best features of the classic beach cruiser from its ballon tires, relaxed upright riding position, timeless classic style and turned it modern. Taking away its heavy and klunky feel and look and turn it to a more fun and relaxed ride. The Earth Cruiser, a muc easier ride, easier to padle, more durable and way too much fun. The bike features a modern look with its lightweight alloy rims, road-smoothing comfort tread tires and memory foam saddles, making it fastera and more comfy to ride. Can even have a rustproof, lightweight aluminum frame on Earth Cruiser 3 and 1. A look good and feel good bike, get yours now.

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M (18”) & L (21”)
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Brand: Jamis
MSRP:$325.00 USD
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