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Giant ATX 27.5 2 (2015)

Editor's Review

Quality built bike for the masses


* Good fork
* Quality Giant frame
* Value


* Price point limits capabilities


We don't regularly review budget bikes, but the popularity of the Giant ATX has certainly got us thinking. Not everybody looking for a new bike has a thousand dollar budget, and not everybody who rides a bike wants to spend hours in the saddle, eating from a jersey pocket on the move. The ATX is the quintessence of an 'average Joe' bicycle and actually offers some decent performance to boot!

The frame is a quality alloy unit from Giant and is available in a multitude of colors. This isn't a super lightweight product, but is robust enough that you will never have to test the lifetime "as long as the original purchaser owns the bike" warranty.

We were particularly impressed with the choice of Suntour XCT fork. This has a nice plush action that would be perfect for recreational cycling and will soak up all the bumps and lumps of your average ride around town. The 7 speed Shimano gearing is reliable and it is nice to see a quality disc brake on a budget bike like this.

It is interesting that the newish 27.5" wheelsize has infiltrated the entry level market now, certainly seeing-off the last bastion of the 26". This is helpful for riders who may, in the future, want to purchase a more serious bike as you get a taste of the dynamics of a bigger wheel.

So, how far will the ATX go? The components are a definite limitation on any bike at this price and the ATX is no different. This is a bike for the masses to ride with the family, short commuting trips or minimal gravel adventures. If you "just want a bike" this could be your thing. If you want to go mountain biking or are looking for a regular commuter there are better, albeit more expensive, options available.


On the trails or off the paved roads, Giant’s ATX 27.5 is your chance to explore new routes. Its lightweight ALUXX-grade aluminum frame features a 100mm-travel suspension fork that floats you over tough terrain. Beneath you, the 27.5-inch wheels accelerate quickly and provide excellent traction. For shifting, Shimano’s 27-speed drivetrain transition smoothly between gears so you can cruise uphill while Tektro mechanical disc brakes control your speed in all weather conditions. And, the reliable Giant-branded stem and saddle are always ready for exploration.

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