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Geax White Collection

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We didn’t remain indifferent or simply as spectators to the latest changes in the mountain bike world. Magazines, videos, events, TV and all the Media in general are giving more and more exposure to those new disciplines, really not “new” at all to be honest. The claimed “New School” is nothing more than doing evolutions and tricks while riding. In two words: having fun! Seeing in a video, in a magazine or - the best way!
- live, people that become professionals in doing so is something so exciting that you’ll never forget.
Words like Dirt Jumping, Street riding, Slopestyle, Tricks and Stunts are not gang’s language, but the names used to call these “ways” of having fun with their own bikes - and 99% with their own or other’s friends. Now, with the professionals rising the forefront of the riding level, there are new limits and benchmarks that have never been expected before. The needs of these guys have grown so quickly than designers and engineers in the bike industry had to speed-up their creative inspirations and the technological boundaries of the products.

The White Collection is exactly this, and something more: it is an answer. Felt from everybody and by us
also, to let Geax strongly enter and keep on pushing this amazing world. Awesome performances, extreme
reliability and a look that smashes you up are exactly what these tyres are designed for.

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Name:White Collection
Brand: Geax
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