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Envirowheels Urban S (2012)

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The Urban Sport includes all the high end components as standard, combined with the long distance 11.2Ah lithium polymer battery at just 3.08 kg and magnesium lockout forks.  The benefit of having a front wheel motor and battery inside the rear rack means better weight distribution and resulting better ride.  The other advantage is the length of the frame is similar to a normal bike where as battery in frame models are significantly longer (due to lengthening frame to fit battery) and become less agile.Work commute -You commute each day, from 5 to 50km or more each day, and want to reduce your reliance and cost associated with a car commute.  You may also include your other shorter regular commutes, thus removing the need for a second car.Reduce carbon footprint - Would you like to further reduce your carbon footprint and support sustainable transport?  Our electric bike batteries are 100% recyclable and not harmful to the environment with zero emissions.  Using the renewable solar energy you already capture to charge the battery will further aid the cause.

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Name:Urban S
Brand: Envirowheels
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