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Envirowheels Forest C (2012)

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The forest City includes all the high end components as standard, combined with the long distance 11.2Ah lithium polymer battery at just 3.08 kg.  The benefit of having a front wheel motor and battery inside the rear rack means better weight distribution and resulting better ride.  The other advantage is the length of the frame is similar to a normal bike where as battery in frame models are significantly longer (due to lengthening frame to fit battery) and become less agile.Keeping up - As a parent or grandparent, you want to be able to keep up with the kids or grand kids, scooting around on their pedal bikes.  Maybe you have a more active partner than yourself.  Keep up in style and ease for hours even outlasting the kids or other more energetic companions and partners.Social transport – Do you just want to enjoy the fun and excitement electric cycling gives, by hitting the trails and bike paths in your leisure time?  Meet up with friends and enjoy an active social life while being fashionable.

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Name:Forest C
Brand: Envirowheels
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