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Dahon Ios P8 (2011)

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The smaller and more compact cousin of the los XL, the P8 is a remarkable machine that lives up to its name. Winning the Eurobike Gold award for pairing up a large wheel bike with a small wheel package; it’s meant to be the perfect solution for those who want the ease of urban commuting on big wheels without the trouble of parking and storage.

Expect the P8 to be lighter and much simpler in makeup, this also means it’s more affordable compared to its cousin. It contains a Neos 2.0 external derailleur right inside which helps in creating awesome pedaling efficiency. The bike also includes the patented Andros stem which allows riders to find the best spot

Armed with great features along with a much affordable price point, the P8 is a fantastic bike that’s worth the investment.

Product Highlights:

• Combines the big bike performance in a smaller, more portable package
• Hydroframed tubing is lightweight, sturdy and looks stunning
• The Andros stem provides 88 mm of adjustment in about 270 degrees, which is perfect for any rider
• Neos 2.0 derailleur hooks up to the chain stay directly protecting the body underneath

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Name:Ios P8
Brand: Dahon
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