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Continental Grand Prix 4-Season

Editor's Review


Puncture Resistant.
Good wet weather handling.


Not the best in regards to rolling in resistance.
Other Continentals would be better race tyres.


When I purchased these tyres I
was in a position where I couldn’t afford to be replacing tyres on a regular
basis so I wanted a tyre that would last a lot of kms and would handle well in
all conditions as I end up riding in the wet a lot.

I have been happy with the 4 seasons.
I decided to go with the 23mm on the front and 25mm on the back for a little
extra comfort.

They we a little confusing when
first putting them on my rims as there is no direction indication. After
closely inspecting the tyre wall, packaging and tread pattern I came to the
conclusion they are multi directional.

While I have been training on the
4 seasons I have had the pressure around 100 – 110psi. This has been
comfortable and gives good feedback from the road and good feeling of grip
especially on damp – wet roads. 

However at this pressure due to
the softer rubber compound there is more rolling resistance and I notice I have
to keep pedalling to keep the pace up, in situations where I would normally
free wheel on a more racing based tyre.

I have also used them in a few
races, while racing I have had the pressure between 140 – 150psi. At this
pressure I find all tyres make you feel like you are riding on wooden wheels,
but due to the softer compound the 4 seasons still feel slightly comfortable.

I have raced in the wet on a
course with 8 hairpin turns and only had the back step out once while pushing
hard into all the corners.

Great all round tyre and I haven’t had to buy new
pair since I got these.


The Grand Prix 4-Season holds up under extreme conditions. In the Paris –Roubaix race, the “Hell of the North”, cyclists equipped with DuraSkin™ enhanced tyres have the fewest tyre related problems during the race.

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