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Colnago M10 (2012)

Editor's Review

Curvy Italian


Superior handling and performance. Beautiful Italian styling.


Excessive Decals ( small issue I know )


There is something special about owning a Colnago that is so very hard to put into words. Maybe it's the muffled whispers of fellow cyclists as you park it at the local cafe, or is it the longing in their eyes that other cyclists have when looking at your pride and joy leaning up against the post.

I have been privileged to of owned two Colnago's in my cycling life thus far. An Italian made and a Taiwanese made model. Both performed beautifully. Though the Taiwanese model was snubbed at a coffee shop as "Oh that is just the Taiwanese model"! I quietly chuckled at his ignorance and possibly his loss of not truly knowing what the bike rode like and yet he had made up his mind based on prejudice.

Some of the best bikes I have ridden have been produced in Asia and more and more are heading there as the level of quality is improving rapidly.

Colnago has all of its carbon lugged and steel frames still made in Italy, where as the monocoque models are being produced in Taiwan. It was rumoured that Ernesto himself handpicked the factory and people to be working on the Colnago frames. With the brand steep in history and having an exceptionally good name I find this very easy to believe.

The ride:

Colnago's new monocoque frame the M10 takes the technical advances seen in the highly popular CX-1 to a higher level. The new lamination technology and materials used in the manufacture of the M10 make it lighter than the CX-1 and stiffer laterally thanks to a bigger bottom bracket, but with a little more vertical absorption to provide more comfort without in any way sacrificing performance.

With the C-HS1 tapered headtube and a new fork to accommodate it, the M10 is designed to be precise on descents and smoother through corners. The M10's classic Colnago looks are complemented by internal brake cable routing for clean lines.

The one thing that stands out with these bikes is the exceptional ride quality. The M10 possess the ability to be both vertically compliant and yet stiff enough to give even the most Gumby of riders a helping hand up the hill or in a bunch kick. This of course comes from over 20 years of Colnago designing carbon frames.

The M10 handles itself admirably on all forms of terrain and when paying the top dollar you would expect it to be floorless. Apart from the aesthetics of the over use of decals it has all of the lines of an Italian beauty we have come to expect from Colnago.

I truly enjoyed the out of saddle experience the M10 gives. No sign of any rear end flex and no apparent wheel rub on the inside chain or seat stays that I can find in a lesser quality frame.

Depending on your country of origin this frame will suit a high end build. Now purists will demand Italian equals Italian. Unfortunately I am not from that school and feel it is a personal choice of the brand of Gruppo that you wish to install.

Overall another exceptional product from Ernesto Colnago and one on my Xmas, Birthday, Fathers Day or a just because list.


Designed to be precise on descents and smoother through corners, the M10 is furnished with powerful components. It has the most powerful and lightest Colnago frame, to start with. And you have the option to install either the Shimano Di2 electronic gear or the traditional gear shifting for the groupset, depending on your preference. Add the C-HS tapered head tube, the Colnago carbon fork and internal brake cable routhing, you now have a mean machine ready to roll on any surface.

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